50 List of Symbol Name in English

A complete list of different types of symbol Name in English. A symbol is nothing but a mark or sign that is used to represent something or indicate any idea, or communicate messages, or relationships. Knowing the names of symbols is essential for effective communication, as each symbol carries a unique meaning and purpose.

All communication or data processing is achieved by the use of symbols. The symbols may be explained in the form of words, letters, sounds, visual images, etc., to convey the message. 

For example, a red octagon is a symbol of stop, and a green octagon is a symbol of ‘go’. Symbols make communication easy and provide a better way to represent something.

symbol name list

Symbols Name List

Sr. NoSymbolName of the Symbol
1. , Comma
2..Full Stop
5.” “Quotation Mark
6.?Question Mark
7.( )Parentheses
9.!Exclamation Mark
12.[ ]Square Bracket
13.{ }Curly Brackets
17.>Greater Than
18.<Less than
19.@At the rate sign
24.©Copyright Symbol
26.Almost equal to
27.⟨ ⟩Angle brackets
31.¤Currency sign
33.÷Division sign
34.Estimated sign
35.« »Guillemet
36.¡Inverted exclamation mark
37.¿Inverted question mark
39.®Registered trademark
41.Sound recording
copyright symbol
Trademark symbol
44.Therefore sign
Servicemark symbol
46.±Plus-minus sign
47.Per mille
48.Numero sign
49.×Multiplication sign

Description of English Symbols

The comma () is a symbol used to make a pause in any clause or sentence.

Full Stop/Period
The full stop ( ) is a symbol used at the end of the sentence, that represents the sentence is completed. This symbol is also called a Period.

Slash ( ) is a symbol that looks like an oblique slanting line punctuation mark. Slash is most often used to represent exclusive or inclusive, division or fraction, and a date separator, also used in the webpage address.

A semicolon ( ) is a symbol with a dot on the above side and a comma on the lower side commonly used as orthographic punctuation. This symbol is used to link two independent clauses that are merely related.

Quotation Mark
A quotation mark ( “ ” ) is a symbol that is used to highlight any word, phrase, clause, quote, thought, speech mark, or sentence. This symbol is always used in pairs to cover the entire part to highlight. 

Question Mark
The Question mark ( ) symbol is a symbol that is used to express a question or interrogation statement, clause, or phrase, in many languages.

Parentheses ( ( ) ) is a symbol used to enclose any word or phrase or clause or to express additional information, or a special remark. 

The hyphen ( – ) is a punctuation mark used to join words and separate syllables of a single word. The use of this symbol is called hyphenation.

Exclamation Mark
The exclamation symbol ( ) is used in a sentence of any phrase as a consonant ejective. 

The Ellipsis symbol ( … ) is a series of dots that are used to indicate a word of intentional or omission. 

The colon ( ) is a symbol that has more than one meaning. The use of this symbol is to mark any ratio of a certain quantity.

Square Bracket
The square bracket symbol ( [ ] ) is used to enclose any special content in a sentence or a clause. It is also used to insert explanatory material.

Curly Brackets
The symbol of a curly bracket ( { } ) is used in the enclosure of the sentence to mark repeats or joined lines and in the formulae to derive something. It is also called the brace.

An apostrophe ( ‘ ) is a symbol used as a punctuation mark to indicate grammatical possession or the contraction of two words. 

The percent symbol ( ) is used to indicate the percentage for any calculations or to write a ratio as a fraction of 100. 

The And symbol ( ) is used rather than the word AND. While there is no symbol for OR.

Greater Than
The symbol greater than ( ) is a basic mathematical symbol used to represent the inequality between two values.

Less than
The symbol of less than ( ) is a basic mathematical symbol used to represent the inequality between two values.

At rate sign
The At rate symbol ( ) is used as a commercial symbol which is also called at site or the rate of. This symbol is registered as a trademark with the German Patent.

The equal symbol ( ) is a mathematical symbol used to indicate equality or to mention the total value of any calculation. It looks like two parallel lines placed horizontally.

The Hash symbol ( ) is used for various purposes like the designation of an ordinal number derived from the word now-rare. This symbol is known as a number sign.

The underscore symbol ( ) is a symbol that looks like a long hyphen positioned at the bottom of the line. 

The bar symbol ( ) comes from the origin of the Greek word “BAROS” meaning weight. It is also denoted as a horizontal line above any letter.

Copyright Symbol
The copyright symbol ( © ) or a sign is used in copyright notices for words other than sound recordings. The use of this symbol is used in the universal copyright conventions.

In the topography, the bullet point is a topographical symbol used to introduce items in the list. Bullets are of many shapes like round, dotted, circular, square, arrow, tick, etc. 

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