Month of the Year | 12 Month Name in English

According to the English Calander, It is also called the Gregorian Calander, and there are twelve months in a year.

Month Name

Here we will cover all the months’ names and details on them like how many days a month has or why there is a difference in days in different months.
So, let us study the months of the year and the months that came in different seasons.

months of the year

12 Month Name in English

Sr no.Month NameShort-formNo.of days
2.FebruaryFeb.28, 29 (leap)

Example Sentences in Which Months are used

  1. Robin went to Canada by the end of this January.
  2. The month of February has a less number of days as compared to others.
  3. Every year, the annual closing day for all accounts in each sector is always held in March.
  4. The football season is from September to April.
  5. Stephen’s college is going to end in May this year.
  6. There are no holidays and festivals in the month of June.
  7. We are planning to celebrate a get-together party in the first week of July.
  8. Joseph’s wife passed in the month of August last year.
  9. Senior students are going to arrange the teachers’ day function in September this year.
  10. The World Cup tournament of Fifa Soccer is going to start in October.
  11. November month has always been a very lucky month because we achieved a lot of happiness in this month.
  12. The last day of December month has always been celebrated everywhere as it is also the last day of the whole year.

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List of Months of the year