50+ Different Types of Sports Name in English

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Sports Name

Sports are like a game, physical activity, conflict, or any exercise that requires. Some physical efforts or skills of any person involve personal strength, stamina, dedication, alertness, and fitness from the body played based on particular rules, or just for fun and enjoyment or as a professional job. Some can also play this for doing as a Business. 

There are no restrictions on gender, whether a man or a woman, both can play individually or as a team. Overall, sports are all about physical fitness or expressing mental power and concentration with or against our opponents.

Types of Sports Names of Different Types of Sports and Games

Every individual is interested in sports, not just playing that one but also loves to watch and enjoy the game. Specific sports formats can be friendly, personally, like chess, badminton, and professional, dangerous like boxing, wrestling, etc. Sports can be played indoors or outdoors, played by an individual player, or with an opponent team.

Different Types of Game/Sports Name

  1. Archery
  2. Air Racing
  3. Athletics
  4. Backstroke
  5. Badminton
  6. Baseball
  7. Basketball
  8. Benchpress
  9. Bicycle Motocross (BMX)
  10. Billiards
  11. Bodybuilding
  12. Bowling
  13. Boxing
  14. Camel Racing
  15. Canoy Slalom
  16. Chess
  17. Cricket
  18. Cycling
  19. Deadlifting
  20. Discus throw
  21. Diving
  22. Drifting
  23. Equestrian
  24. Fencing
  25. Football
  26. Formula F1 Racing
  27. Gliding
  28. Golf
  29. Gymnastics
  30. Handball
  31. High Jump
  32. Hockey
  33. Horse Racing
  34. Javelin Throw
  35. Judo
  36. Kabaddi
  37. Karate
  38. Long Jump
  39. Marathon
  40. Modern Pentathlon
  41. Netball
  42. Powerlifting
  43. Rugby
  44. Sailing
  45. Shooting
  46. Shot put
  47. Skateboarding
  48. Sport climbing
  49. Surfing
  50. Swimming
  51. Table Tennis
  52. Taekwondo
  53. Tennis
  54. Triple jump
  55. Triathlon
  56. Tug of War
  57. Volleyball
  58. Waterpolo
  59. Weightlifting
  60. Wrestling

Details of Different Types of Sports and Games


Archery is a game of shooting arrows at a target with accuracy with the help of a Bowstring from particular distances.

Air Racing:

Air racing involves flying airplanes at shallow heights from the surface.


Athletics is a sport held on track or the field. It includes racing, jumpings, hurdles, dash races, etc.


Badminton is an indoor game played singles or doubles with the opponent team with a shuttlecock and a racket in a rectangular court and a net in the center.


Baseball is played by hitting a hardball with the baseball bat to score runs.


Basketball is a sport played between two teams where a ball has to shoot through the hoop o the opponent’s court.


Benchpress is a strength game where a barbell with a heavy load is lifted upwards, laying on the bench, and then lowered back to chest level.

Bicycle Motocross (BMX):

Bicycle BMX is a racing game that races on a BMX motor bicycle.


Bodybuilding is a sport where the participants are bodybuilders and show their developed muscles by giving poses.


Boxing is a dangerous combat sport played between two opponents in which they throw punches at each other and protect themselves from punches hit by opponents.

Camel Racing:

Camel racing is a racing game like horse racing.


An intellectual game played between two individual opponents on a checkered gameboard with 64 squares in an 8*8 grid format containing black and white pieces.


Cricket is one of the most popular sports in the whole world. It is played on the big flat, and oval ground called the stadium between two teams with 11 players each. T-20, Test matches, and One-day matches are some formats of this game.


It is a sport where a participant rides a bicycle for a long distance.


Deadlifting is a sport where a participant lifts a heavily loaded barbell off the ground up to the hips and then puts it back on the ground.

Discus throw:

Discus throw is a track event where an athlete throws a heavy disc object for as long as possible.


A sport played in an aquatic place where a participant jumps or dives from a launchpad into the water, performing acrobatic movements.


Drifting a car with the rear wheel slides out on the road rotating the wheel at full speed while taking turns to the corners of the road.


Equestrian is a sport where jockeys ride horses and do some gymnastics and shows their riding skill.


Fencing is a game played between two individual opponents where each tries to touch the other with the tip of a thin sword.


Football is also known as the Soccer game played between two teams where the ball has to be kicked and make a goal on the opponents’ ground.

Formula F1 Racing:

Formula racing is a motor racing sport that plays with single-seated Formula cars.


Gliding is an aero-sport where an unpowered aircraft has to balance and fly.


Golf is a club-and-ball sport where players use various clubs to hit balls into a series of holes on a course in as few strokes as possible.

High Jump:

A track game that plays on the field where a player has to over the highest bar without touching and fouling is called the High Jump game.


Hockey is a sport plays between two opposing teams that try to hit a ball into the net of the opponent’s area with a hockey stick.

Horse Racing:

Horse racing is a sport where jockeys ride horses and complete the race.

Javelin Throw:

A sport named Javelin throw is a track game where a player has to throw a spear-like metal rod as far as possible.


Judo is a game of technique where it requires taking the opponent player down to the ground.


Kabaddi is a game of Indian origin, where a ‘raider’ has to touch the defense line and any of the players of the opponent team without taking a breath.


Karate is an art of self-defense, only used for protection, including kicking, knee strikes, and open hand techniques. 

Long Jump:

A long jump is a field event where a participant jumps as longest on the sandpit taking a long run on the track. The game is like a triple jump.


Marathon is an athletic sport where a participant has to complete a run of about 42.2 km.


Netball is played with the opponent team having seven players on each side. It is as same as basketball. Only the difference is that the player with a ball has to stand still until he passes the ball to another player. Players have some restrictions in certain sections of the court.


Powerlifting is a strength sport with three lifting games: the deadlift, bench press, and squat.


The Rugby sport is an aggressive game played between two teams where a ball has to place at the end line of the opponent’s zone by rescuing oneself.


Sailing is a skillful sport of riding a boat using the power of the wind.


Shooting is the sport of aiming the targets with guns, pistols, or rifles.

Shot put:

A game played on a track where participants pitch a heavy metal all as long as possible.


Skating on a board with small wheels, where a person stands on it and races with some balancing tricks.


The surfing game is played by standing on a surfboard and balances oneself by propelling with the waves.


It is a sport of driving oneself on the surface of the water with our limbs.

Table Tennis:

Table tennis is a sport played on a rectangular table having a net at the center a racket with small paddles and a small lightweight ball.


Taekwondo is a disciplined self-defense art started in Korea.


Tennis is a sport played by singles or doubles on each team. It plays in a court with a racket that hits the ball over the net.

Triple jump:

Triple Jump is a game of track and field where a participant has a long jump in a sequence of three hops after a skip and jump.


A triathlon is a game of having three different events such as swimming, cycling, and running in a row.

Tug of War:

Tug of war is a team sport where two teams tug the rope on the opposite side.


Volleyball is a team sport where two teams have six players each hit the ball with their hands over a high net, points to be scored only if the ball touches the ground. Some other sports like Throwball, Newcomb Ball, etc., are like volleyballs with some different rules.


Water polo is a sport that is played along with a team in swimming pools. It is just like football, but the ball has to pass over the water into the goal.


To attempt to lift heavy weights fixed on the barbell rods above the head level is called Weightlifting.


Wrestling is a sport with a conflict between the opponents with proper rules and techniques like Greco-Roman and freestyle.

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