50+ Kitchen Utensils, Items, and Appliances Name

Kitchen Utensils are an essential part of the kitchen to make it fulfill and having these things, and stuff in our kitchen cupboard will make our life easier and more comfortable.

Although, it doesn’t mean that we have to buy every utensil for our kitchen purpose or cook delicious food just because many upgraded and new utensils and kitchen sets are out in the market as per the technological advancements.

Kitchen Utensils, Items

We have essential things to start a kitchen and cook many delicious dishes and ingredients that will help save money too rather than wasting it unnecessarily. 

kitchen utensils name list with pictures

We have covered all the essential kitchen utensils and other useful accessories used for kitchen purposes. By this, you will quickly understand and remember the names of the different utensils that you are using daily in your kitchen and help in enhancing your knowledge and vocabulary.

Name a Kitchen Appliance With Pictures

Sr noKitchen ItemsItems Image
1.Apple cutter
3.Baking parchment
6.Bottle opener
8.Bread knife
9.Cake slicer
10.Can opener
11.Chef’s knife
13.Colander/pasta strainer
17.Cutting board
18.Deep fryer
19.Dish rack
21.Egg slicer
22.Food/meat thermometer
24.Frying pan/skillet
26.Garlic press
27.Gas stove
34.Kitchen foil
35.Kitchen scales
36.Kitchen shears/scissors
37.Knife set
38.Lemon squeezer
40.Measuring cups
41.Measuring jug
42.Measuring spoons
43.Microwave oven 
45.Mixing bowl
48.Oven gloves
49.Ovenproof dish
52.Pizza cutter
53.Plastic containers
55.Potato masher
56.Pressure cooker
58.Regular spoon 
59.Rolling pin
61.Serving bowl
63.Spice box
64.Steak hammer
65.Stirring spoon
67.Tea towels
72.Vegetable peeler
74.Wooden spoon

List of Kitchen Tools and Equipment Name in English

  1. Apple cutter
  2. Apron
  3. Baking parchment
  4. Blender
  5. Bottle
  6. Bottle opener
  7. Bowl
  8. Bread knife
  9. Cake slicer
  10. Can opener
  11. Chef’s knife
  12. Cleaver
  13. Colander/pasta strainer
  14. Cookware 
  15. Corkscrew
  16. Cutlery
  17. Cutting board
  18. Deep fryer
  19. Dish rack
  20. Dishwasher 
  21. Egg slicer
  22. Food/meat thermometer
  23. Fork
  24. Frying pan/skillet
  25. Funnel
  26. Garlic press
  27. Gas stove
  28. Glass 
  29. Grater
  30. Hot pot
  31. Jar
  32. Juicer
  33. Kettle
  34. Kitchen foil
  35. Kitchen scales
  36. Kitchen shears/scissors
  37. Knife set
  38. Lemon squeezer
  39. Matchbox
  40. Measuring cups
  41. Measuring jug
  42. Measuring spoons
  43. Microwave oven 
  44. Mixer
  45. Mixing bowl
  46. Mug
  47. Napkin
  48. Oven gloves
  49. Ovenproof dish
  50. Pan
  51. Peppermill
  52. Pizza cutter
  53. Plastic containers
  54. Plate
  55. Potato masher
  56. Pressure cooker
  57. Refrigerator
  58. Regular spoon 
  59. Rolling pin
  60. Saucepans
  61. Serving Bowl
  62. Spatula
  63. Spice box
  64. Steak hammer
  65. Stirring spoon
  66. Strainer
  67. Tea towels
  68. Teaspoon
  69. Toaster
  70. Tongs
  71. Tray
  72. Vegetable peeler
  73. Washbasin
  74. Whisk
  75. Wooden spoon

Kitchen Utensils list with pictures

Apple cutter:

An apple cutter is also called the apple slicer used to cut the apple into fine cuts by pressing it after putting it on the tip of an apple.


An apron is a cloth used by chefs and other cooks in a kitchen to protect clothing and prevent food and waste from polluting their clothes.


Blender is an electronic utensil used in kitchens to mix food ingredients like a mixer grinder.

Bottle opener:

A bottle opener is a metallic handle device used to open a sealed bottle cap.


A corkscrew is a twisting t-type metal tool that makes pulling corks from bottles easy.

Cutting board:

A cutting board is a flat wooden piece used for chopping, and slicing vegetables, fruits, and other foodstuffs.

Deep fryer:

An electrical cooking device called a deep fryer is that by dipping foods in hot oil and the food gets fried and crispy.

Dish rack:

A dish rack is a metallic rack where the clean utensils get placed or are kept to drain the water after washing.


A fork is a metallic utensil used to spear food to eat, hold or cut with a knife, push food into a spoon, or lift it to the mouth.

Frying pan/skillet:

A frying pan also called a skillet, is a flat bottom pan used for frying, and browning foods. It contains a metallic handle to lift or hold it.


A funnel is a metallic or plastic thing used to pour liquid into small opening cans having a big cylindrical top and narrow opening.


Glass is metallic steel or glass made of a little jar used to drink water by touching our lips.


A jar is a spherical vessel-like container with a large opening mouth made up of glass, ceramics, or porcelain and a lid used to keep food, cereals, or pulses.


It is an electric device used to extract juice from fruits and vegetables. It is also known as a mixer juicer by its properties.


A kettle is an electric kitchen utensil used to boil or simmer water and other liquids like tea, coffee, or boiling eggs. It contains a lid on the top and an electric coil from the bottom side to heat the kettle.


Knives are one of the essential kitchen utensils used to chop fruits and vegetables for cooking food.

Lemon squeezer:

A lemon squeezer is a metallic juice squeezer used to squeeze the juice from the lemon to make lemonade, etc.

Measuring cups:

The measuring cups are used to measure any cooing material such as flour, salt, sugar, or other spice while making food, baking cakes, and others.

Measuring spoons:

A measuring spoon is a kind of spoon used for measuring cooking materials in small quantities.

Microwave oven:

A microwave is an electronic kitchen appliance used for fast-cooking food purposes, and it is easier than everyday cooking.


The mixer is a wooden or metallic tool that allows us to mix the liquid content homogeneously.


A mug is a typical cup like a utensil used to drink hot or cold drinks, with a handle on its outer surface.

Oven gloves:

The oven gloves are protective gloves used for small kitchen purposes and for taking out the utensil placed inside the oven to avoid burning from the hot surface of the oven.

Pizza cutter:

A pizza cutter is a round cutting-edge plate that rolls and cuts the pizza into slices.


A plate is a flat, plain, and circular dish used in dining services to eat food.

Potato masher:

A potato masher is a kitchen tool used to mash boiled potatoes and other boiled vegetables that have to be smashed and cooked.

Pressure cooker:

A pressure cooker is a sealed pot used to cook food by heat and vapor instantly under extreme steam, saving time and cooking gas fuel.


A refrigerator is one of the essential electronic utensils/equipment in a kitchen used for keeping food, vegetables, and drinks at low temperature. It is also used for household purposes as well as for commercial purposes.

Regular spoon:

Regular spoons are metallic utensils used to pick up food particles and eat without messing with our hands-on food.

Rolling pin:

A rolling pin is a kitchen utensil made of either light metal or by wooden piece having a round surface used to flatten dough or roll chapatis, pizza cookies, and other flat dishes, also used for decorating.

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