50+ Different Types of Trees Name in English

Hello Friends! Do you want to know the different types of trees name in English? Here we have compiled an all list of Trees Name in English for you. With the help of this post, you will easily get the names of all the trees in English to increase your knowledge, which will always be helpful for you.

Types of Trees

We all know that trees play a significant role in our environment. Various types of trees are found in forests in different parts of the world, some of which are tall, some very tall, some small, and some very small. 

There are some normal trees and some fruit trees that bear simple and nutritious fruits that we can eat, while some use the wood of the trees. We also benefit a lot from the shade of trees in summer.

trees name in english

Trees Name in English

  1. Banyan
  2. Babul (Acacia)
  3. Neem
  4. Sandalwood
  5. Pine
  6. Teakwood
  7. Bamboo
  8. Peepal
  9. Oak
  10. Date Palm
  11. Sheesham
  12. Ironwood
  13. Alstonia
  14. Walnut
  15. Nutmeg 
  16. Jute
  17. Sapodilla
  18. Delonix Regia
  19. Deodar Cedar
  20. Cactus
  21. Ebony
  22. Mango Tree
  23. Banana Tree
  24. Tamarind Tree
  25. Guava Tree
  26. Jack Fruit Tree
  27. Coconut Tree
  28. Betel Nut Tree
  29. Apricot Tree
  30. Bael Tree
  31. Gulmohar Tree
  32. Curry Tree
  33. Eucalyptus Tree
  34. Mohwa Tree
  35. Amla Tree
  36. Papaya Tree
  37. Khejri Tree (Shami)
  38. Bastard Teak
  39. Sorrowless Tree
  40. Rudraksha Tree
  41. Casuarina Tree
  42. Custard Apple Tree
  43. Birch
  44. Grapevine
  45. Cane
  46. Flax
  47. Toona
  48. Mast Tree
  49. Cannon-Ball Tree
  50. Palm Tree
  51. Apple Tree
  52. Sal Tree
  53. Pomegranate Tree
  54. Rubber Plant
  55. Conifer
  56. Cypress
  57. Polyalthia

Big Trees Name in English

  1. Banyan
  2. Neem
  3. Pine
  4. Teakwood
  5. Peepal
  6. Oak
  7. Tamarind Tree

Details of Trees

  1. Banyan

The Banyan tree has the scientific name Ficus benghalensis. This tree is also called the giant tree because of its giant size. It is a tropical tree that produces new roots from its branches down to earth.

  1. Babul

The Babul tree is also called Acacia scientifically from the family Fabaceae. It is used for obtaining gums and also for other medicinal purposes.

  1. Neem

The neem tree is also called an excellent antibacterial tree whose leaves are very beneficial for many diseases like leprosy, bloody nose, intestinal worms, skin ulcers, and other cardiovascular diseases. Consuming juice of leaves daily for a month is said to rid the body of all kinds of infections

  1. Sandalwood

Sandalwood is a tree whose wood has a pleasant smell and is also used to obtain the oil. It is also used for ritual beliefs, making perfumes, and soaps.

  1. Bamboo

The Bamboo tree is also considered the fastest-growing plant globally. It is also called giant grass. It is also good in reducing the surrounding air temperature in summer.

  1. Peepal

According to scientific reasons, the Peepal tree is also considered an excellent medicinal tree apart from religious views. It is also called the sacred fig, bodhi tree, or ashvattha tree (in Nepal). Its leaves contain glucose, an asteroid, and other Mennos. Its bark is rich in vitamin K. Its leaves, bark, roots, seeds, fruits, and shoots are all used for medicinal purposes.

  1. Jute

The jute is a long, soft flowering plant that is also called the golden fiber. The jute is extracted from the bark of the white jute plant that shines like golden silk.

  1. Mango Tree

The Mango tree is a tropical tree that grows in tropical regions, and it bears mango fruits in the summer. Its leaves and wood are also used for religious purposes. The tree is capable of bearing fruits after six to eight years.

  1. Banana Tree

A banana tree is an elongated, fleshy, and pseudostem trunk tree, a large herbaceous flowering plant. It is a non-toxic tropical plant that originates in rainforests and also in moisturized lands as it needs plenty of water, moisture, and air. The fruits and flowers of this tree are edible.

  1. Tamarind Tree

The Tamarind tree is big with a unique vase shape and small leaves, which gives them an exotic design. The tamarind fruits taste sour when ripened and are consumed while raw too. It is rich in magnesium and calcium which helps in curing bone fractures. 

  1. Jack Fruit Tree

The Jack fruit tree is a fruit-bearing tropical tree that produces a large number of jack fruits, and its growing size is about too large.

  1. Coconut Tree

The coconut tree is a long tropical tree with no branches, only leaves, and it bears fruits from the flowers within one year. Its fruit is used to eat, drink water, and also for making coconut oils. It is mostly found in coastal regions. It requires regular rainfall and grows only in sandy soils.

  1. Apple Tree

An apple tree is organically grown in the spring seasons in sunny climates. It contains a lot of nutrients and minerals from the soil. Apple trees start bearing fruits after 2 to 3 years when planting. It requires more than 5 hours of direct sunlight to grow properly.

  1. Sal Tree

The Sal tree was also called the house of the tribal goddess in ancient times. It was also considered the holy tree in ancient times. It is usually used to cure diarrhea, swelling, and bleeding because of its astringent effects. 

  1. Pomegranate Tree

Pomegranate trees require plenty of sunlight to grow better, and it cures themselves of pests as it is a low-maintenance tree. The Pomegranate tree bears fruits from the flowers in the summer season when it gets a lot of direct sunlight. It is a medium-grown plant that is also grown in tropical areas.

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