Types of Clothing for Men and Women

Learn different types of clothing for men and women to boost your vocabulary. Fashion is one of the biggest and popular things in today’s generation, and we are all very much familiar with it. Today’s generation of kids is very authentic about their fashion as they are connected with social media. They have to maintain their fame, which requires them to maintain the proper clothing pattern and outlook.


The clothes have also been selected for the fashion statements depending on the seasons, events and gatherings, job, or profession. The essential thing is a regular dress pattern used for the whole day, and it will be very comfortable to wear. Some care about their clothing pattern, while some do not even care about what they wear.

types of clothing names

In the case of women, they always prefer matching suitings and dressing patterns with their fashion bay, and according to the events they are conducting. There are a lot of different designs of dress materials for women according to their needs in which they want to look bold, perfect, and fit. Below, we have covered the list of types of clothes for both men and women together, which helps you understand the clothes and their fashion.

Types of Clothing

  1. Apron
  2. Bathrobe
  3. Bikini
  4. Boots
  5. Bra
  6. Bracelet
  7. Cap
  8. Coat
  9. Dress
  10. Earrings
  11. Flip-Flops
  12. Gloves
  13. Gym Clothes
  14. Handbag
  15. Hawaiian Shirt
  16. High Heels
  17. Hoodies
  18. Jacket
  19. Jeans
  20. Jumper
  21. Leather Jackets
  22. Long Coat
  23. Long-Sleeve Top
  24. Mittens
  25. Necklace
  26. Pajama
  27. Polo Shirt
  28. Purse
  29. Ring
  30. Raincoat
  31. Scarf
  32. Sheath Dress
  33. Shirt
  34. Shorts
  35. Skirt
  36. Sneakers
  37. Socks
  38. Stockings
  39. Suit
  40. Sunglasses
  41. Sweater
  42. Swimsuit
  43. Tank Top
  44. Thong
  45. Tie
  46. Trench Coat
  47. Tracksuits 
  48. T-Shirt
  49. Umbrella
  50. Uniform
  51. Underwear
  52. Vest
  53. Watch
  54. Wedding Dress
  55. Winter Coat

Clothing Names with Examples

  1. Apron: My mother wears an apron while cooking in the Kitchen.
  2. Bathrobe: He always brings a bathrobe while going for a bath.
  3. Bikini: The Instagram models and influencers are uploading their photos wearing bikinis.
  4. Bra: The bra is flown away by the heavy wind while it is hung outside for drying.
  5. Coat: He wore a bigger coat than his body physique.
  6. Gym Clothes: Bodybuilders always wear gym clothes while working out in the gym.
  7. Hawaiian Shirt: One of my friends likes to purchase a Hawaiian shirt to wear.
  8. Hoodies: A hoodie of navy blue color hung in the mall was looking mind-blowing.
  9. Jacket: I saw a jacket worn by my friend at a party.
  10. Jeans: My friend loves to wear jeans while attending parties.
  11. Pajama: I prefer wearing pajamas at night for comfort.
  12. Raincoat: Every parent purchases raincoats for their kids to go to school during the rainy season. 
  13. Shorts: Her best friend wears shorts on the beachside for enjoyment.
  14. Skirt: The actresses prefer wearing short skirts in the shootings for glamour.
  15. Sweater: I like wearing a handmade sweater in the winter seasons made by my mother. 
  16. Swimsuit: The bay watches always wear a swimsuit as they have to dive in the swimming pool to save someone in an emergency.
  17. T-Shirt: Most of the boys like to wear T-shirts in every situation.
  18. Uniform: The uniform is a proper way of dressing which is mainly used in corporates, schools, events, or any commercial gatherings.
  19. Underwear: My friend has started a business of Underwear wholesaling in the city.
  20. Wedding Dress: The brides are always excited about their wedding dresses by their designs, colors, and other matching thin

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