Republic Day Essay in English

Republic day is a day when our country, India, becomes truly Independent and the people get their rights to live with full democracy in India. In other words, we can say that India officially launches the Constitution of India and the Indian Government of free India runs according to the laws and rules of the Constitution of India. We got complete Independence after three years of struggle on 26th January 1950, replacing the old law of the Government of India Act 1935. We became a sovereign, socialist and democratic nation in the history of the World. This day is a public holiday all over the nation as this day is celebrated to get complete democracy to every citizen of India. 

After getting Independence from the British Governments, our country lacked a nation with a proper concrete constitution. Also, we don’t have many political experts who can help in running the nation smoothly and function properly. Dr. Babasaheb Ambedkar then wrote the Indian Constitution along with the help of the constitutional drafting committee after 166 days and then officially announced it on republic day. It was stated in the constitution to provide equal rights for all. Its main agenda is to create a balance between all citizens irrespective of their sex, caste, language, race, religion, creed, or culture. 

The first Indian parliament was also conducted on this day, and there, Dr. Rajendra Prasad was appointed as the first President of the Republic India. This day has great importance in the history of India as the end of British rule and the birth of the new republic of India as an independent nation. We celebrate our republic day with enthusiasm and zeal. This day, all Indians unite as a country together as a part of the caste, religion, sex, which shows the unity in diversity among the Indian people. There was a grand program celebrated in the capital of India, Delhi, with a Republic day parade, showing the strength and power of the Indian Military forces and a rally to express the cultural diversity. The Indian Prime Minister hoists the National Flag on the Red Fort, Delhi, by singing the National anthem with a Military band followed by the 21 Gun salutes.

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