Cow Essay in English

Cows are one of the most important and innocent domestic animals, among other animals. It is considered a valuable animal for humanity. Cows are available in various shades of color, shapes, and sizes according to their breed all over the world. In India, cows are treated as sacred animals according to Hindu mythology, and they also call them “Gau Mata (Mother Cow).” They are four-fingered animals having one tail, two horns on their head, and a long mouth.

The cow is a useful animal that provides milk rich in protein that is good for our health, sharpens our brain, increases immunity power, and can also obtain other dairy products from cow milk. The cow is a herbivorous animal that mainly eats grass, grain, husk, and vegetables to survive. As this is a domestic animal, too, it is kept in the cow shed and is a great source of animal husbandry. One can store many cows in a shed and start making business from the outsources of the cows in the dairy farm to sell directly or by making different dairy products in the market. The cow dung is used by many people as fuel and makes fertilizers that are good for repelling insects bacteria. It is also used for making biogas, used as a building material in rural areas, or used as a raw material for making paper. Cow leather is also widely used by humans for various purposes like seat covers, leather jackets, belts, shoe soles, etc. Its production covers almost 60 to 70 % of the total leather productions across the world. The cow is considered one of the most convenient and beneficial animals for mankind. 

Though cows are divine animals and have great importance for Hindus, they are not getting the proper care they need. They left on the roads freely, which they roamed randomly and somehow got caught under accidents and got caught many diseases because of improper care, and they started eating unnecessary things and products that may damage their digestive system. Many of the Gau Raksha committees start caring for such cows and providing them proper treatment and aid safety to the cows. The government also takes strict rules and actions from any injustice on cows. Many awareness programs and rallies are also started to help them align to safeguard them. We must become the voice to these unspoken animals and make them available for the cows in the surrounding.

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