Morning Walk Essay in English

Today’s generation is growing in the presence of advanced technologies and a lot of facilities that make this modern world full of psychological disorders, poor health and mindset, tensions and mental stress and other problems. Human beings are running behind money, and that is why they are working all day without taking a rest, and that’s why people are becoming stressless. They won’t get much time to spend on themselves, then how could they spend their valuable time with their closest and loved ones. In this busy world, very few people are left who care for their physical health and get some time to make themselves fit by doing body workouts, stretchings, skippings, squats, planks, yoga, etc. 

Waking up early in the morning is one of the best habits in the world. It gives you a lot of positive energy and makes you energetic that you could do anything throughout the day with full of energy. Morning walk is one of the best and cool exercises for our body which energizes the body from inside and makes your mind full of confidence. Walking in the morning is considered the best walk throughout the day, and walking alone is a very enjoyable moment of life. Going out for a walk has many benefits like if we want to get completely healthy, we have to go out with an empty stomach, without eating or drinking anything. Morning walks should be simple and passionate, not too fast and not too slow, an average speed is considered as the best for walking. 

Every day, I wake up early in the morning, and after freshening up, I go for a morning walk, sometimes in the garden, sometimes in the park or sometimes in the street. Every place makes me feel amazing, and every place gives me a different feel and sensation. While going out for a walk in the morning, sometimes I go out by wearing earphones, sometimes headphones, and sometimes without any gadgets. I like to listen to music while walking in the morning. But when I go out for a walk without any digital accessories, I usually feel the nature and the natural sound that fill me with positive energy. I enjoy the sound of birds chirping in the morning sitting on the branches bushes of the tree. I enjoy the sound of the cracking of the dry leaves when I come under the footsteps. Nature’s sound and the beautiful sound of the cool and fresh air makes me feel that I am walking in heaven. Doctors also suggest to many patients and their clients to go out for a morning walk, which heals most of the bad thoughts and negative energies and fills your mind with positive energy and happiness that helps you get healthy and mentally strong.

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