Importance of Trees Essay

Trees are the essential thing on our planet. Trees are like one of the most precious gifts to the living beings of Earth from God. Trees are responsible to keep and balance the ecosystem of the Earth. Our planet, Earth, is also called the green planet because of the existence of trees on this beautiful planet. These trees and plants make our planet beautiful and special, like heaven. Without trees on Earth, it is impossible to think of life on this planet, and it would be very difficult to survive here in the absence of plants because of the lack of oxygen produced by the plants. 

To save this planet and the existence of life on Earth, it is necessary to be aware of this generation and upcoming one, the importance of trees on Earth. Trees are the main producers of the crucial things that are necessary for life- oxygen, and food. They clean the air in the atmosphere from other toxic gasses that we breathe and also clean the water and soil from erosion and make this planet a beautiful place. It is said that people who live near trees or gardens are happier than those who do not. We have to be aware of this reality that trees are not dependent on us, but we are totally dependent on trees. They also have many medicinal benefits and are valuable for the field of medical science. 

The trees help in making the environment cool from the sun’s rays and reduce the temperature. They are good in the prevention of soil erosion and also help water conservation. They are one of the major sources to reduce the effect of greenhouse gasses from affecting the problem of Global warming. Trees can also control the pollutants on Earth, such as air, water, and noise pollution, respectively. A single seed of a tree grows in soil with the help of water sunlight and makes its nearby surrounding green. It also provides shadow during the summer seasons for us and protects us from the sun rays and rain. Human beings are cutting down trees for their personal and commercial benefits and increasing urbanization, but they are unaware of the consequences and adverse effects of disturbing the balance of the ecosystem. To make life better, safer, and less polluted on Earth, we have to start making plantations and increasing the number of forests.

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