20+ Geometry Box Tools Name in English with Pictures

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Geometry Box Tools

In the early stage, ancient mathematicians were unaware of any geometrical instruments and tools to make measurements and draw any structures or sculptures. Later, they used to understand the basic instruments like rulers and compass and then used them for their applications. 

As time goes on, their knowledge of understanding the tools and other requirements of measurements also increased, and they started inventing other essential geometric tools for their purposes. 

geometric box tools with name

Geometric tools are instruments that are used for various applications in mathematics to draw different types of drawings, measurements, and geometric shapes. There are different tools with different names to draw a number of shapes, symbols, drawings, and designs. 

Below, a list of all geometric tools is given and their details that represent their detailed use. 

List of all Geometric Tools

  1. Ruler
  2. Divider
  3. Protractor
  4. Compass
  5. Set-square
  6. T-square
  7. Right angle
  8. Ellipsograph
  9. Opisometer
  10. Drafter

There are five basic geometric tools that are widely used in almost every place for geometrical drawing purposes. These five essential geometric tools are Ruler, Divider, Protractor, Compass, and Set-square, respectively.

Details of geometric Box Tools

  1. Ruler

The ruler is a straight line measuring tool used for constructing the straight lines and measuring certain lengths in a line segment. In the geometrical or Engineering language, the rulers are also identified as straightedge or Line Gauge. The measurements are marked on this ruler gauge used to measure the inches and centimeters. The measurements are separated by the “hash marks.” If we want to measure something, we have to place the zero hash mark to one end and measure the rest further to obtain an object’s measurement. It can be available in various lengths, like 6’ inches, 12’ inches, 38’ inches, etc.

  1. Divider

A divider is like a compass with a V-shaped structure. This tool is a pointed tip on both the V-sides, and they are adjustable according to the need of usage. The design of the divider is slightly different from the compass, as the compass has a pencil holder at one edge where the pencil is fixed to mark the arc of certain measurements. But the divider has pointed ends on both sides and is used to measure or compare the lengths.

  1. Protractor

A protractor is a semi-circular disc used to draw or measure the angles between 0 degrees to 180 degrees. This tool is one of the essential tools in geometry. The measurements of angle in a protector are marked in the protractor on both sides to easily measure the angular displacements from either the right or left side of the protractor, respectively.

  1. Compass

A compass is a V-shaped geometrical tool with a pencil holder attached to one side of the compass. The compass’s pointer is adjustable, and it is also used to trace arcs and angles on certain objects or points. We can easily trace a complete circle with the help of a compass. This tool is made up of a metallic body. 

  1. Set-square

A set-square is a set of two triangular ruler sets. It is also one of the important Math tools. It also comes under the category of essential geometrical tools. A set square is divided into two different sets of different angle measurements. The first single set is a 30-60-90 degree triangular ruler, and the second is a right-angled triangle set square. One angle is 90 degrees, and the corresponding two alternate angles are 45 degrees. It can be used to draw either parallel lines, perpendicular lines, and the making of the right angles in a drawing.

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