List of all Different Colors Name in the World

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Colors, previously spelled as colors, is an aspect of the object that may be looked at or described in terms of hue, lightness, and saturation. In physics, the term color is specifically associated with electromagnetic radiation having different wavelengths and intensities, which can be visible from the human naked eye.

The visual color reflects the light from the object to the retina of the eyes. The eyes identify the color because of the wavelength of light reflected from the object, so the color bounces to our eyes, and when light shines on an object, some colors bounce off them and travel with the wavelength.

Types of Colors

Colors can be broken down into three basic types

  • Three Primary Colors: Blue, Red, and Yellow
  • Three Secondary Colors: Violet, Orange, and Green
  • Six Tertiary Colors:  Blue-Violet, Red-Violet, Yellow-Green, Red-Orange, Yellow-Orange, Blue-Green
all different types of colors name

List of All Color Names in English

Sr No.Color ImageColor NameHtml Color Codes
24.Navy Blue#000080
37.Off White#FAF9F6

All Different Colors Name with Pictures


red color

Red is a color at the end of the visible spectrum of light, having a dominant wavelength of approx. 625 to 740 nanometers. It is a color of love, hatred, anger, war, danger, heat, etc.


blue color

The blue color is a basic color across all color spaces. The color of the ocean and sky is blue. It expresses stability, inspiration, and wisdom. This color is rarely found in fruits and vegetables.


green color

The green color is a cool color that is used to symbolize the natural beauty of the world. It is often thought to represent good luck, health, and jealousy. Green color can also improve the reading ability of human eyes.


orange color

Orange is a color of a combination of two different colors, yellow and red. This color is considerably called an energetic color. It often shows excitement, warmth, and enthusiasm.


white color

White color represents the purity of heart or innocence. This is also a color of peace and politeness. White garments worn by brides convey their spirituality or sexual purity. It is also a color of balance, harmony, and courage.


black color

Black is a color of darkness, which symbolizes negativity. The black color is also tied to death and evilness.

The black color is also called a symbol associated with the style. Wearing black suits implies professionalism and seriousness. It is mostly worn by businessmen/women.


yellow color

The yellow color is the most luminous in the spectrum among all colors. This color catches attention from a distance more than any other color. It is a color of optimism, enlightenment, happiness, politeness, creativity, and shining.


purple color

The purple color, also known as the rich color, shows royalty, luxury, ambition, power, and nobility. It’s a rarity in nature and has been a supernatural aura for centuries. It has a most powerful wavelength of the spectrum than other colors.


silver color

The silver color is associated with ores’ meaning, raw materials of industries, ornate, glamorous, and sophisticated. It is a precious metal like aluminum, steel, etc.


brown color

The brown color is a natural color that represents a sense of strength and reliability. It can also show feelings of isolation, depression, and loneliness.


gray color

Grey is a cool, simple, and balanced color. It is an emotionless color, which is typically associated with dullness, as well as formal and conservative. This shows a loss of depression and timelessness. 


pink color

The pink color is associated with love, femininity, or kindness. This color is mostly accepted and loved by girls, hence called feminine color, which brings romance.


olive color

The olive is a yellowish-green color that is majorly used in the making of military suits and weapons. It is a conventional symbol of harmony and peace, which signifies perception, empathy, and space for human mankind.


maroon color

The maroon color is majorly used to express passionate and intense things such as love risk, excitement, strength, and beauty. It is a word that originated from the french word chestnut.


violet color

Violet is a color made after a mixture of red color, and blue color is similar to purple color and is also a symbol of royalty, prosperity, wealth, and richness. This color shows the performance of dignity and calmness.


charcoal color

The grey color is the same as that of the charcoal color and is related to lose and depression. The charcoal grey color represents the strength of black and the mystery of the color silver. This color has a lack of negativity and shows calmness.


pink color

Magenta is a color that shows universal harmony and emotional balance. This color shows compassion, happiness, contentment, appreciation, and kindness. This also contains the power and passion of red and a restrained form of energy.


bronze color

The bronze color has certain similarities with the brown color; hence the characteristics are somehow related to that of the brown color like it refers to the strength, growth, and experience related to nature.


cream color

The name of the color is placed Cream after the naturality of the dairy products produced by the grazing cows. The cream color is a simple or pale yellow hue, a white color mixed with a slight yellow color. This is a natural color with a neutral, calm, and relaxing moment.


gold color

The gold color is said to be a cousin of the yellow color and the brown color, which is associated with love, compassion, magic, wisdom, etc. It is a precious metal that conveys wealth, prosperity, and happiness.


tan color

The tan color is a pale shade of brown. It earns warmth and security. It is a brownish-yellow color combination and also a green shade of orange. The hex code of tan color is #D2B48C, respectively


mustard color

The Mustard color is a color that coincides with the culinary mustard color, followed by the dark/ dull yellow color similar to the flax. It is a color related to the darker shade of yellow color and is used mostly to design the interiors of the house.

Navy Blue

navy blue color

The navy blue color is a dark shade of blue color. This color represents yachting sport, and it looks like a black color in the dark. It is used mostly in the navy army, their suits, armor, and all war stuff and weapons.


lavender color

The lavender color is used to signify medicinal properties, and it is also valuable to the antiseptic. Along with this, its religious quotation is mentally associated with relaxation, purity, and cleanliness.


coral color

The color Coral is a combination of two colors, pink and orange, respectively. It has specific characteristics of orange, which resembles warmth, increased energy, and feminism too.


rust color

Rust is the name of color after the resulting phenomenon of the oxidation process occurred on the surface of iron when contact with water or moisture contains oxygen.
It looks reddish in color. Somehow when it dries, it looks like a slant orange color too.


peach color

The peach color is the color of the interior flesh of the peach fruit. Like the Apricot color, the peach color is also paler than most actual peach fruits, most probably used in the interior designs.


burgundy color

The burgundy color is a dark shade of red color and purplish tinge leone. This color signifies power, wealth, and seriousness. It’s sophisticated and reversed to nature.


mauve color

The Mauve color shows a positive compression tone, kind, friendly, and generous with its bloom. It is also incredibly shy.


teal color

Teal color has a relaxing property that relates to the blue that renews the quality of the green color. It describes open communication and the quality of perception.

12 Color Names for Kids

12 colors name
  1. Blue
  2. Green
  3. Yellow
  4. Orange
  5. Red
  6. white
  7. Violet
  8. Brown
  9. Aqua
  10. Black
  11. Cyan
  12. Purple

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