Electronic Devices/Items in English with Pictures

Are you finding all Electronic Devices names in English? Here We have a great list of all Electronic Devices in English with Pictures.

Electrical and Electronic Items

Electronic devices and items are rapidly being used and came into practice in the past few years because of the advancements in the field of technology. Also, the use of electronic gadgets lessens the efforts of human beings to do some work and makes addiction to them to use these gadgets for most of household uses like washing clothes, grinding spices, cleaning houses, etc.

electronic devices items name

We have collected the list of the electronic items used by human beings in other daily life works and for other important purposes which helps you to improve the vocabulary of these gadgets and increase your knowledge.

List of the Electronic Items

  1. Air Conditioner
  2. Air Purifier
  3. Bachelor Griller (U.K)
  4. Backup Charger
  5. Banknote Counter
  6. Blender
  7. Bluetooth Speaker
  8. Bread Maker
  9. Calculator
  10. Car Toy
  11. Ceiling Fan
  12. Chandelier
  13. Clock
  14. Clothes Dryer
  15. Coffee Maker
  16. Computer
  17. Copier
  18. Crock-Pot
  19. Curling Iron
  20. Digital Camera
  21. Dishwasher
  22. Doorbell Camera
  23. Drill
  24. Dvd Player
  25. Earphones
  26. Electric Fan
  27. Electric Frying Pan
  28. Electric Grill
  29. Electric Guitar
  30. Electric Kettle
  31. Electric Pencil Sharpener
  32. Electric Razor
  33. Electric Stove
  34. Evaporative Cooler
  35. Exhaust Fan
  36. External Hard Drive
  37. Facial Cleansing Machine
  38. Fax
  39. Fish Tank
  40. Grandfather Clock
  41. Hair Dryer
  42. Hair Straightening Machine
  43. Hair Trimmer
  44. Headset
  45. Inkjet Printer
  46. iPod
  47. Iron
  48. Juicer
  49. Kettle
  50. Kitchen Hood
  51. Kitchen Scale
  52. Lamp
  53. Lantern
  54. Laser Printer
  55. Lawn Mower
  56. Lift
  57. Light Bulb
  58. Meat Grinder
  59. Microphone
  60. Microwave
  61. Mixer
  62. Monitor
  63. Mosquito Racket
  64. Mouse
  65. Oven
  66. Piano
  67. Plotter
  68. Pressure Cooker
  69. Printer
  70. Projector
  71. Radiator
  72. Radio
  73. Reading Lamp
  74. Refrigerator
  75. Remote Control
  76. Rice Cooker
  77. Robotic Vacuum Cleaner
  78. Safe
  79. Sandwich Maker
  80. Scanner
  81. Sewing Machine
  82. Smartphone
  83. Speaker
  84. Stove
  85. Table Fan
  86. Transistor
  87. Television
  88. Timer
  89. Toaster
  90. Torch
  91. USB Drive
  92. Vacuum Cleaner
  93. Walkie-Talkie
  94. Washing Machine
  95. Watch
  96. Water Heater
  97. Water Pumps
  98. Water Purifier
  99. Webcam
  100. Wifi Mod

Details of Electronic Items

Air Conditioner

Air conditioners are typically used for cooling the room, home, or vehicle by the compressor and are mostly used for small units.

Ceiling Fan

The ceiling fan is a basic electrical gadget that can easily be found in every home that provides air by rotating blades.

Coffee Maker

The coffee maker is a very efficient electronic item for making coffee, you only have to fill it with all the ingredients necessary for making the coffee, and it will automatically make it.


Computers are one of the best inventions of Human mankind and are an important part of humans in today’s generation in this technological world. It is very efficient and reduces human efforts.

Hair Trimmer

The hair trimmer is a small and very efficient invention for men and r barbers. It is used for trimming the hair of our body, shaping beards, and mustaches, and is also good for making new hairstyles.


The iron is used for ironing clothes at home and also for commercial level, and it is available in both electrical and electronic formats.


The lamp is used to illuminate the path, room, and dark places. It is also used to study at night.

Light Bulb

The light bulb is used to illuminate the room, houses, malls, buildings, underground tunnels, etc., where illumination is required.


A microwave oven is an electronic gadget mainly used to make cooking or baking dishes in the kitchen.


The mixer is used in the kitchen for grinding spices, other materials for making food, and grinding flour and other stuff.


A projector is an optical device that is one of the best inventions in the field of technology. It is mostly used in corporate fields to present any presentations and is used in theatres to view the cinemas. It projects the image on any surface or projection screen.


The refrigerator is an essential home appliance used in almost every season. It is used in the kitchen and also for commercial purposes. Mainly, it is used for cooling perishable items like milk, butter, bread, beverages, ice creams, drinks, and other materials in cold temperatures.


Smartphones are the most usable electronic invention by scientists and engineers. Almost every person operates this gadget in today’s generation. It is a cellular telephone with many features like a camera, flashlight, calling function, and multimedia. We can also use internet browsing with this gadget.

Table Fan

The table fan is good for taking air in any spot where we want to take it by changing its position from one place to another. They are light weighted and cover the quarter place to circulate the air.


Television is a good source of acquiring visual knowledge and a better source of entertainment. It is also called TV (in short) and contains a screen that broadcasts signals and changes them into pictures.


The torch is an old invention by the scientist which runs with the help of batteries and illuminates in the darkness, mostly used in rural areas where the power is not so good and in the underground excavation process. It contains normal bulbs, and also the updated torches contain LED lights to illuminate.

Vacuum Cleaner

A vacuum cleaner, also known as a vacuum, or hoover used for cleaning the house and the corner places that suck the dirt from the floor, upholstery, etc.

Washing Machine

The washing machine is one of the wonderful inventions of electronic gadgets for women as it reduces their efforts, is used for cleaning clothes, with ease and it looks attractive, and women and also for men too.

Digital Camera

The digital camera is a soft electronic device that operates with batteries and is used for capturing photographs and videos. Most cameras are digital, which stores the captured data in cards and chips.

Water heater

The water heater is a kind of electronic device mostly used in the winter season when the temperature is cold and requires hot water for bathing purposes in bathrooms. In modern technology, water heaters are also called electric geysers, etc.

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