Examples of Common Noun are in Sentences

A common noun is a noun that doesn’t define any particular name of a person, place, thing, and object.

English Common Noun Examples, Read 20 examples of a common noun are in sentences.

examples of common noun in sentences

Examples of Common Noun

  • We will catch you there after some time.
  • She has been studying abroad for years.
  • I will throw a rope to you.
  • Some people are only looking to take advantage of strangers.
  • Take this way and continue your travel towards your destination.
  • This day is unforgettable for me.
  • I saw a few women going towards the dam.
  • He went to purchase something from the shop.
  • child is playing near the swimming pool.
  • Girls like men with good body physiques.
  • We are trying to sort out such problems.
  • Let’s go to the gym tomorrow.
  • The whole family died in a car accident.
  • In which school did your son study?
  • My Father washes a car every holiday.
  • Mother is called the visible God on Earth.
  • He is doing some kind of business in New York.
  • Pass me those books which are on the table.
  • The election is going to be held for the selection of a new President.
  • I will pay you if you provide me with all the information you have.

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