20 Examples of Adverb of Manners

What is the adverb of Manners?

If we ask something to someone how it happens, then the word that modifies the statement and gives the answer that something happens is called the Adverb of Manners. The Adverb of Manners is generally placed next to the main verb or after the object.

examples of adverb of manners

Adverb of Manners Examples

  1. He eats gently.
  2. They played well.
  3. He ate my tiffin greedily.
  4. We run simultaneously away from the farmland.
  5. The lion is looking angrily in the zoo.
  6. She furiously ran away from the crowd.
  7. He drives the vehicle amazingly.
  8. Her performance was remarkably appreciated by everyone.
  9. Why are you guys standing around so awkwardly?
  10. You have imagined my name surprisingly.
  11. He regularly meets her mother once a month.
  12. She represents the demonstration of her project beautifully.
  13. Everyone played happily during the entire tournament.
  14. It smells bad all over in society because of the open drainage.
  15. Seeta coughed loudly in the classroom.
  16. She readily agreed to his proposal.
  17. The Papaya tree swayed softly in the wind.
  18. He slept intensely last night after drinking.
  19. They are extremely extraordinary dance performers.
  20. He apologized awkwardly to the teacher after realizing his faults.

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