50+ Different Types of House with Names

Are you finding different types of houses/house with names? Here we have an awesome list of houses with pictures. We know that a house is a basic residential need for human beings. Most of the time we live in a house. It protects us from sunlight, rain, and winter seasons.

Types of Houses

A house is nothing but a shelter for a human being. It is a single-unit residential building. Human beings made houses by upgrading an ancient hut with the use of equipment like wood, concrete, steel, iron, etc. based on structure and installed technology, advancements, and other facilities such as plumbing, electricity, heating, ventilation, and conditioning systems which is necessary for humans of today’s generation. Many of the houses’ names and their categories by structures are familiar. They are commonly found in our locality, but some are not familiar but do exist.

Here, we have made a list of different types of houses and their names by structures, living patterns, respective places, etc.

different types of houses names

Different Types of Houses

  1. House
  2. Building
  3. Apartment
  4. Hut
  5. Modern House
  6. Hotel
  7. Lodge
  8. Penthouse
  9. Castle
  10. Palace
  11. Townhouse
  12. Farmhouse
  13. House-boat
  14. Vanity Van
  15. Dormitory
  16. Treehouse
  17. Igloo
  18. Cottage
  19. Fort
  20. Underground house
  21. Tent
  22. Colonial house
  23. Log Cabin
  24. Manor
  25. Barn
  26. Barndominium
  27. Paradise
  28. Bungalow
  29. Lighthouse
  30. French Provincial
  31. Villa
  32. Craftsman House
  33. Mobile House
  34. Terraced house
  35. Duplex
  36. Nursing home
  37. Carriage/Coach house
  38. High Rise house
  39. Detached house
  40. Semi-detached house
  41. Camper Van
  42. Ranch house
  43. Victorian
  44. Mansion
  45. McMansion
  46. Single-family home
  47. Co-op
  48. Condominium
  49. Chalet
  50. Roundhouse
  51. Cave hose
  52. Coach house
  53. Cabin
  54. Yurt
  55. Container home
  56. Basement Suite
  57. Annex
  58. Multi-Family
  59. Converted Shipping Container
  60. Chateau

Different Types of House with Details

  1. House:

A house is a building where a family lives. It is a shelter or a place where humans used to live. It may be two-storeyed or multi-storeyed and could be single-family or multi-family.

  1. Building:

A building is a structure of concrete with a roof, and walls manufactured for either residential purposes or commercial purposes such as factories, houses, complexes, etc.

  1. Apartment:

An apartment, which is also called a house block or flat, is a multi-storeyed building, which is self-contained housing used for more than one dwelling unit. These are so designed for domestic residential purposes.

  1. Modern house:

A modern house is a type of house which is filled with advanced technologies and lased with modern features in it provides ease of living to humans.

  1. Hotel:

Hotels provide paid-lodging facilities for the short term and other benefits such as room service, food facilities, and other requirements. The quality of lodging is based on the charges from small rooms to large suites.

  1. Palace:

A palace is a large royal building, a grand residence where royal families, and high-ranking dignitaries like bishops, and kings or presidents stay.

  1. Farmhouse:

Farmhouses are called those buildings built on a rural location or agricultural layout. The structures are separated from each other.

  1. Ranch house:

‘Ranch house’ means any domestic house having an agricultural overview that is specially originated in the US. It is mainly known for its grounded-connected view and structure.

  1. Dormitory:

A large number of beds available in a single hall-like room is called a Dormitory like a hostel where people can stay for accommodation.

  1. Hut:

A hut is a house/shelter structure used by the middle class and poor category people in ancient times. It is made up of dry bushes of trees or wood.

  1. Colonial house:

A colonial house is a simple, rectangular-shaped building structure that is of two or three-storeyed buildings. Also, it has a separate fireplace inside as it is mostly found in cold climate areas.

  1. Barn:

A barn is named for a house whose structure is made by the combination of home and barn. It is also called a house barn.

  1. Penthouse:

A penthouse is a unit of a luxurious house or an apartment on the top floor or the highest part of the hotel’s building, tower, or else.

  1. Castle:

A castle is a fort-like structured house built in the era of middle age where noble persons and royalty people used to stay there.

  1. Villa:

A villa is a type of house built originally in ancient Roman times. The royal families used to stay in Villas, hence called the Roman Villa.

  1. Bungalow:

A bungalow is a small, luxurious house-type cottage that is single or two-storeyed, having Sloopy roofs so designed. The entire bungalow is surrounded by verandas or walking paths. 

  1. Mobile house:

A mobile house is a caravan-type house that the truck or van can pull to take a mobile house from one place to another.

  1. Treehouse:

A house which is built on a large tree so designed that it has supported with branches and made of wooden blocks and plays.

  1. Terraced house:

A terraced house is a continuous housing structure built on the terrace in a consistent way.

  1. Duplex:

A duplex is a two-storeyed housing type that is used for living purposes.

  1. Lighthouse:

A lighthouse is a large, tower-type building built near the coastline used to flash the light system for a navigational aid to pilots in the sea or waterways.

  1. Detached house:

A house that is so built that the walls are not attached to other nearby houses is called a detached house.

  1. Camper Van:

A camper-van is a self-pulled van having a living facility of accommodation along with transportation.

  1. House-boat:

Houseboats are boats where a housing facility is provided on huge boats.

  1. Igloo:

Igloo is a snow house that is especially found in extremely cold regions and looks like a snow-hut.

  1. Cottage:

A cottage is an old house so built by the elders in particular rural areas in a country.

  1. Tent:

A tent is built only to stay for a single night or while going somewhere for an outing.

  1. Fort:

Forts are the wisdom of ancient which is so built strong that is used for the purpose of military defense.

  1. Co-op:

A ‘co-op’ is a cooperative type of housing building where the residents are not the actual owners of that particular house. The real estate owns it.

  1. Roundhouse:

A round-house is a type of house which is having circular roof-top designs or conical roofs.

  1. Cave hose:

A cave house has both modern and ancient structures that in ancient times, animals and stone age people used to live to protect themselves from floods and rain. At the same time, underground dwellings are built for living purposes to minimize environmental impacts.

  1. Basement Suite:

A suite made underground like in the basement with special facilities for living as a suite called a basement suite.

  1. McMansion:

A McMansion is a two-story newly built housing that is not made perfectly with any architectural designs.

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