50+ Pulses Name in English with Pictures

Are you looking for different types of pulses name in English with pictures? See here, we have a covered list of all Indian pulses name.


Pulses are the seeded legumes consumed after dried, including legumes, lentils, peas, dals, peas, etc. The pulses are available in various colors, shapes, sizes, and tastes, full of proteins and fibers that are very effective and nutritious for human health. 

Pulses can be used to make various cuisines and delicious and nutritious dishes that doctors and dieticians are prescribing for every human being who is very conscious about their health.

A list of pulses is given below, and their description and benefits are also given below.

pulses name

List of Pulses Name

  1. Bengal Gram
  2. Black Gram
  3. Chickpea Bean
  4. Garbanzo Bean
  5. Cowpea Bean
  6. Field Beans
  7. Horse Gram
  8. Green Gram
  9. Moth Bean
  10. Green Peas
  11. Black Peas
  12. Red Gram
  13. Red Kidney Bean
  14. Soybean
  15. Red Lentil
  16. Dry Bean
  17. Faba Bean
  18. Bambara Bean
  19. Pigeon Peas
  20. Lupin

Details of Pulses

  1. Bengal Gram

A Bengal Gram is related to the chickpea family, which is also called the yellow lentil with a rounded and flat side. It is one of the oldest legumes that have been cultivated since ancient times. It is also used in making various Indian cuisines, as with the popular name Chana Dal. It is mostly cultivated in India, Pakistan, Iran, Bangladesh, etc. 

  1. Black Gram

The black gram is one of the oldest peas from ancient times and originated in Southeast Asia. The price of this gram is a bit more costly than other Pulses because it contains many nutrients like fiber, proteins, antioxidant compounds, and also the production of this gram is not dense. This gram is also known as Udad Dal in Indian culture and is also used to make Indian Cuisines like Dosa, Idli, soups, etc.

  1. Cowpea Bean

The cowpea beans are edible, and along with the beans, their green seeds leaves are also e consumed by humans and herbivores animals. It can be consumed raw and also cooked as a cooking dish. It is also known as the black pea of southern pea beans. These beans are widely cultivated in tropical regions and are also used in agricultural lands as the roots of these plants are atmospheric nitrogen fixers to the soils.

  1. Green Gram

The green grams are known as mung beans or moong, which is also one of the healthy pulses from the legume family. It is a fat-free legume with high fiber content, good in improving the eyesight enhancing the human bones. It is used as an ingredient in making sweet and savory dishes. 

  1. Moth Bean

The moth beans are also known as mat beans, matki, or dew beans. The pods of these beans contain highly protein-rich seeds and are used as pasture legumes that grow in various kinds of soil. It is a rich source of minerals, vitamins, calcium, and proteins to be fed in the body through these pulses. This is also consumed as dal because it is beneficial in weight loss.

  1. Red Kidney Bean

Red Kidney beans are also known as kidney beans, and in India, it is also called Rajmas, which are very popular legumes used in making various Indian cuisines and dishes. These beans are a good source of iron, phosphorus, and potassium and help reduce cholesterol level blood sugar levels. 

  1. Red Lentil

Red lentils are also called masoor dal in India. It is highly nutritious for human health and its benefits. It can also be used in making Indian cuisines and dishes. It is rich in nutrients, suitable for managing diabetes, and helps increase immunity.

  1. Green Peas

Green peas are pod-shaped vegetables widely grown and consumed in cold weather and cold areas. It is green in color, used in making various dishes, and can also be consumed raw. The plant grows pods, and each pod has several green peas inside it. It can also be consumed after drying the beans and cooking various Indian cuisines. It is good in vitamins and nutrients and rich in antioxidants that help cure various kinds of diseases.

  1. Soybean

The soybeans are also used as soy chunks which means s a very good source of proteins and vitamins and are an annual legume in the pea family. These beans are proven economical and one of the most important beans for human beings. It is also efficient in reducing the risk of prostate disease and curing breast cancers.

  1. Bambara Beans 

Bambara beans are chickpea-sized pulses likely grown in various colors such as black, brown, dark brown, red, white, etc. Its appearance is like peanuts that are ripened underground. It can be consumed fresh, raw, cooked, or boiled after drying and consumed by making puddings. 

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