Human all Teeth Names in English with Pictures

The Human teeth are one of the strongest parts of the body. Teeth are made from minerals and proteins such as calcium phosphate and collagen.

Human Teeth Names

The major use of teeth is for chewing food. We eat of any type that is edible along with this. They help to speak clearly. In an adult human mouth, there are around 32 teeth. Whereas in a child’s mouth, there are only 20 teeth.

In an adult mouth, 16 teeth are present on the upper jaw and the lower jaw, and they are called permanent or secondary teeth which make a total of 32 teeth.

Teeth Names with Pictures

teeth names

Types of Teeth

  1. Incisors: 8
  2. Canines also called cuspids: 4
  3. Premolars also called bicuspids: 8
  4. Molars: 12, including 4 wisdom teeth.

In a child’s mouth, 10 teeth are present on the upper jaw and the lower jaw, and they are called primary, temporary, or milk teeth, making a total of 20 teeth. 

  • Incisors: 8
  • Canines: 4
  • Molars: 8

In childhood, teeth start growing in a baby’s mouth by the age of 6 months, and all 20 teeth grow completely by the age of around three years. After the age of 6 years and between 12 years, the primary teeth are getting replaced with permanent teeth. The molar teeth begin to grow first, then all in a row. All the 32 permanent teeth of any normal person completely grow at the age of 21 years.


The incisors are 8 in number, and present in the front center of the human mouth (4 on the upper and the other 4 on the lower jaw).


The canines are the teeth present next to the incisors, which are also called cuspids, they are 4 our in number, and the tip of the canines are sharp. (2 on the upper and the other 2 on the lower jaw).


The premolars or bicuspids are the teeth used in crushing and tearing the food we chew. They are 8 in number where 4 are present on the upper jaw, and 4 are present on the lower jaw


The molars are the largest teeth among all others. They are 12 in the quantity that presents after the premolars in a row. It plays an important role in chewing food of fine bolus.

Among all 12 molar teeth, not all 12 are molars, 4 of them are Wisdom teeth which are the last ones.

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