Comparison between Singular and plural nouns:

comparison between singular noun and plural noun

Singular noun:

A singular noun represents a single person, place, thing, object, or idea. It is a noun that is used for individuals and also a bond with adjectives or verbs.

Singular nouns also begin with “a” or “an” to represent a single of anything.

Plural noun:

A plural noun is used to introduce more than one person, place, thing, object, or idea. In some cases of plural nouns, a letter “s” or “es” is added to a singular noun to make it plural.

singular and plural noun

Some examples show the comparison between singular and plural nouns.

Singular nounPlural noun

Examples of a singular noun:

  1. A book is placed on the table.
  2. A dog is barking at the thief at night.
  3. She made an omelet of an egg.
  4. The color of his shirt is attractive.
  5. A teacher is teaching a story in a lecture,
  6. The last lecture is very lengthy.
  7. A story is not so good to print in a book.
  8. The printer has been malfunctioning since yesterday.
  9. This is a single bedroom.
  10. An apple is good for your health.

Examples of a plural noun:

  1. Buses are available to go to the city.
  2. Close the remaining windows.
  3. He purchased so many flowers today for no reason.
  4. I have extra sandwiches in my tiffin.
  5. The dishes are looking so delicious.
  6. Only a few marker pens are left to sell.
  7. He purchased two shirts from my shop.
  8. A baby is playing with toys.
  9. Birds are flying high in the sky.
  10. Berries are falling from the tree because of the wind.