Demonstrative Pronoun: Definition, Examples, and Sentences


A demonstrative pronoun is a pronoun used to demonstrate any object or something or to point to something in a sentence is called a demonstrative pronoun. It is also used in place of nouns, noun phrases, or particular situations.

These pronouns are either singular or plural and are used to indicate substances, things, or items in space, time. It is used to point out specific objects which are placed somewhere.

This, that, these, those, etc., are demonstrative pronouns.
Sometimes none, neither, and such are also used as demonstrative pronouns.

A demonstrative pronoun is always used to identify nouns.
For example, I can’t believe this.

demonstrative pronoun

A demonstrative pronoun is also used to describe animals, places, or things. Often it describes people when identified.
For example, This sounds like Jayson’s talking.

Both the demonstrative adjectives and demonstrative pronouns are identical, but the demonstrative adjective qualifies the nouns in a sentence. and the demonstrative pronoun stands alone.

Examples of a Demonstrative pronoun:

  1. This is my handkerchief.
  2. That building is a police headquarters.
  3. These cars are owned by uncle john.
  4. Those are the passengers who are sitting inside the train.
  5. None of them are coming to swimming.
  6. This is not a simple joke.
  7. The entire life of that person has been changed completely.
  8. Take these kids along with you for a picnic somewhere else.
  9. The new machine is working on all functions like those machines which are already placed in our workshop.
  10. God helps those who help others.
  11. This is my native village.
  12. That car looks like a brand-new Ferrari.
  13. These are lovely flowers, but they are artificial.
  14. Those mangoes are riper than these.
  15. This was my brother’s book collection.
  16. That car is one of my favorite cars.
  17. You have never imagined this in your career.
  18. That bike looks like a Harley Davidson.
  19. Can you send me those pictures from the sharing app?
  20. Each of these pictures has to print.

List of Demonstrative pronouns.

  1. this
  2. those
  3. that
  4. these