10 Lines on Myself in English for Children and Students

Student self-introduction, Myself in English! Every person has been asked about himself at any point in their life, and anyone will ask whether relatives, friends or any unknown elder person. Telling about yourself can be asked anywhere or anytime by anyone. Every person must be prepared for this question, whether a student, candidate, applicant, or a family person.

Myself in English

Everyone in this world comes with different things and has some special qualities. When some ask you, Tell me about yourself or Introduce yourself? We have to tell them about our specific personal details and the qualities, profession, education, and others in a short way to easily know you better.

Here we have covered some topics to get some ideas and specific points to express confidence and a better description of yourself. We have covered ten important points about myself in English, which you can easily use to represent yourself in your academic platforms or in corporate sectors.

myself in english for students

10 Points on Myself/About Yourself

Type 1: Myself for Children of class 1st to 5th

  1. Hello, My name is Pawan Shukla.
  2. I am 8 years old, and I study in Class 3.
  3. My school name is Mount Carmel Public School, Hyderabad.
  4. My father’s name is Raghav Shukla, and my mother’s name is Nisha Shukla.
  5. My father is a businessman, and my mother is a housewife.
  6. I have one elder brother and one little sister.
  7. I like watching cartoons, and Chota Bheem is my favorite character.
  8. I like drawing paintings and reading storybooks.
  9. I am a good student, and I regularly complete my homework.
  10. I always respect my elders and follow their advice.

Type 2: My Self for Students of class 6th to 8th

  1. My name is Sarena Butale, and I am studying in 7th standard.
  2. I live in Pune, and I am studying at Auston Birla Convent High School in Pune.
  3. I am the Class Representative of my class and also a favorite student of all teachers.
  4. I am a bright student and always rank 1st in my class.
  5. My interests are in studying, playing and also dancing.
  6. I got second place in the Annual Dance Competition held last year in our school and won the first prize in Badminton Competitions.
  7. Apart from academics, my other hobbies are watching movies, swimming, and traveling.
  8. I like to watch Hindi and English movies in theatres, and also I swim for at least half an hour daily in my home’s swimming pool.
  9. I like eating snacks, street foods, especially Panipuris, Pastries, Pizzas, and Cakes.
  10. I love to spend my quality time with family members, and also I learn respect, ethics, and value our elders for them.

Type 3: My Self for Students of class 9th to 12th

  1. Hello, I am Raghav Chaturvedi from Patna, Bihar.
  2. I am 17 years old, studying in 12th standard at Stanford Junior College, Patna.
  3. My father is a well-known Businessman in Patna city, and my mother is a Lecturer in Govt. Technical Institute by profession.
  4. My motivation comes from my elder brother, as he is a present IAS officer in Mirzapur city.
  5. I always follow my brother, and because of his guidance and inspiration, I also want to become an IAS officer in the future.
  6. I studies almost 6 to 8 hours at home and joined two coaching classes for Physics and Mathematics.
  7. I also like traveling and enjoying myself with friends in popular places in Patna City as it is one of the metropolitan cities in India.
  8. My parents always treat me as a friend and always suggest that I make my life’s decisions.
  9. My hobbies are riding sports bikes and playing Cricket. I am a player on my college cricket team, and we have won many games in Intercollege tournaments.
  10. My life is fulfilled because of my lovely parents, disciplined brother, and sincere teachers.

Type 4: My Self for Graduation Students

  1. Hello, My name is Raghu Raman, and I am 20 years old, and I am in my 2nd year, B.Ped.
  2. I am pursuing my graduation in B.Ped In the Department of Sports and Physical Education from Nagarjuna University, Telangana.
  3. I lived with my parents and younger brother in Hyderabad city, near Charminar, for eight years after my father’s transfer.
  4. My father is a SI in Hyderabad Police Station. He is a very honest police officer and always a patriot for his duty.
  5. I am an average student in studies, and my concentration is sports, and I am a very state-level player in Cricket and Volleyball.
  6. I want to make my career in Cricket, and for that, I also work hard in playing cricket and improving my game. My inspiration for cricket comes from M.S. Dhoni. He is like an ideal person for me.
  7. My friends are like my family members, and we always spend our maximum time playing Cricket and chilling out. We are all decent people, and nobody has any bad habits.
  8. My father is my best friend. He shares everything with me and teaches me about the ups and downs of life and ways to tackle the situations.
  9. I love my parents, and they too love me so much.
  10. I will never let my parents feel bad because of me, and my dream is to make their name bright one day.

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