Common Noun: Definition, Examples, & List of words


The term common noun is an indefinite name of any place, person, thing object, or idea which is used commonly in place of the proper noun.

What is a Common Noun?
A common noun is a particular name of any person, place, or object.

While writing a common noun in place of a noun (proper noun) no need of capitalizing the first sentence. Common nouns are either written or singular identity or plural one by adding ‘ or es’ to the suffix.
It may be countable or uncountable concerning their size, quantity, or mass.

common noun

Examples of common noun

Place: country, state, city, continent, town, village, island, etc.
Person: mother, father, son, sister, friend, baby, child, doctor, etc.
Things: book, desk, water, clothes, toy, car, etc.
Idea: anger, loyalty, memory, honesty, etc.

Examples of Common Noun are in Sentences

  1. This dress suits her perfectly.
  2. He is the husband of one of your female classmates.
  3. Better you bring your father to school tomorrow to meet me.
  4. Switch ON another engine from the engine.
  5. He took his bike by performing a stunt at the shooting site.
  6. She has scored 93% aggregate in the exam.
  7. This woman is neither coming nor going inside the hall.
  8. Children are playing games in recess time.
  9. He has spread perfume in the entire house.
  10. tunnel is going to be started very soon.            
  11. Mother’s milk is very good for the baby’s health.
  12. The lady teacher is going to teach a few subjects in the class.
  13. Tigers are the only predator from the cat family.
  14. The entire city is suffering from power failure.
  15. Nation’s love is bigger than the girlfriend’s love.
  16. He is coming with us to mountain trekking.
  17. Your teacher meets me at the market.
  18. The clerk of this office is very rude in behavior,  
  19. The delivery boy delivers the Pizzas to the destination on time
  20.  Someone’s daughter is caught in an accident.

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List of Common Noun Words

  1. Person
  2. Picture
  3. Pen
  4. Pencil
  5. Park
  6. Party
  7. Oil
  8. Painter
  9. Nest
  10. News
  11. Mountain
  12. Movie
  13. Morning
  14. Name
  15. Mobile
  16. Money
  17. Market
  18. Mirror
  19. Life
  20. Magazine
  21. Land
  22. Law
  23. Leaves
  24. Letter
  25. Jewelry
  26. Job
  27. Industry
  28. Island
  29. Hospital
  30. Idea
  31. Yesterday
  32. Hill
  33. Year
  34. Health
  35. Women
  36. Gas
  37. Wood
  38. Group
  39. Garden
  40. Week
  41. Water
  42. Game
  43. View
  44. Future
  45. Train
  46. Food
  47. Trade
  48. Flowers
  49. Tractor
  50. Floor

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