20 Examples of Abstract Noun are in sentences

Learn twenty examples of the Abstract noun are in sentences. I have put the abstract words in bold.

Examples of Abstract Noun are in Sentences

  1. Jane is very curious about the results.
  2. The entire crew is celebrating their victory.
  3. This hostel is known for its strictness.
  4. Love rules his kingdom without a word.
  5. Such kindness restores your faith in human nature.
  6. The Ego is the biggest enemy of success.
  7. This illness makes a mess of my holiday plans.
  8. The interviewer asked me about my future plans.
  9. The soldier showed great courage in the battle.
  10.  He is a man of dignity and calm determination.
  11. Radio is an important communication medium in many countries.
  12. She had the advantage of a good education.
  13. Friendship cannot always stand on one side.
  14. He kicked the ball into an open goal.
  15.  The man with a new idea is a crank until the idea succeeds. 
  16. The worse luck now, the better another time.
  17. Opportunity never knocks twice at any man’s door.
  18. Achievement provides the only real pleasure in life.
  19. He has neither talent nor the desire to learn.
  20. There is no wealth above the wealth of health.

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