20 Examples of Assertive or Declarative Sentence

What is Assertive Sentence

An Assertive sentence is a simple sentence that declares any sentence as a statement, event, any occasion, experience, idea, circumstance; hence an assertive sentence is also called a Declarative Sentence.

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Assertive Sentence Examples

  1. Robin is a brilliant student in the classroom.
  2. She loves singing when she is alone.
  3. We met each other after a long time.
  4. The sun is the biggest star in the universe.
  5. She has planted some plants in my garden.
  6. Her behavior fascinates everyone.
  7. Alex plays football every weekend.
  8. Too much sugar in the diet causes diabetes.
  9. My grandmother tells me very interesting stories.
  10. He is playing a video game with friends.
  11. It was a mind-blowing party tonight.
  12. The sun rises from the East.
  13. The jacket was made of leather.
  14. My mother works in a school as a teacher.
  15. Himalayas mountain is very to beautiful to see.
  16. Jupiter is the biggest planet in our solar system.
  17. My mom is very good at cooking.
  18. Swimming is the best exercise for fitness.
  19. Every child must respect their parents.
  20. David has good teaching skills.

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