20 Examples of Verb Phrase in Sentences

A verb phrase contains more than a single word that comprises the primary verb and auxiliary verb.

Verbs that are used to describe an action in a sentence and a sentence are incomplete if there is an absence of the verb because the verb provides more information about the action that happens in the sentence. 

In other words, we can also say that it also represents the tense of the sentence.

examples of verb phrase

Examples of Verb Phrase in Sentences

  1. was reading the newspaper.
  2. I think you should not stay here.
  3. An author is writing someone’s autobiography.
  4. She has not completed the work that you gave her yesterday.
  5. Finally, my friend has decided to purchase a new car.
  6. Rehman might close the door.
  7. You must call your father and tell him about this incident.
  8. Walking in the street, he suddenly fell to the ground.
  9. She was playing hide & seek with her friends.
  10. We must go to Delhi to attend this seminar.
  11. My friends will throw a party on account of the new year.
  12. You need some extra savings in your account to approve a loan.
  13. She might sleep or even watch TV.
  14. He hasn’t approved my proposal.
  15. Some workers are not participating in the strike.
  16. Yesterday I saw a lot of expensive shoes worth about $2000.
  17. Samuel joined English Coaching classes to learn better English speaking.
  18. Daniel is practicing to qualify for the knockout match.
  19. Chatur is trying to cook delicious food on her daughter’s birthday.
  20. They are going to play the final match in this stadium tomorrow.