Herbivores Animals Name List with Pictures

Are you looking for Herbivores Animals name in English with pictures? Here you will get a list of herbivores animals name in English with pictures.

Herbivores Animals

The meaning Herbivores are called eating or consuming herbs. Herbivores animals are those animals or creatures who survive only by eating plants. 

They may consume many parts of plants of different kinds, such as various plant species, flowers, fruits, leaves, stems, branches, etc. These herbivores’ animals used such things to consume and survive themselves.

Many animals in the Kingdon Animalia are called Herbivores animals too. Not only are animals herbivores, but some insects and fishes also come in the category of Herbivores creatures.


The physical and behavioral adaptations of such animals will also help us understand them better, and they all are of different shapes and sizes.

They have blunt and sharp teeth that help in stripping the leaves, and stems from the plants, and chewing tough fibrous plants, fruits, and seeds. Also, they have a strong digestive system compared to other animals to digest the plants’ cellulose.

We have collected information about these animals for you that will help improve your knowledge of identifying animals.

We all know that herbivores and animals come from many species that survive by eating different parts of plants and their products. Depending on that, herbivores are also classified which are as follows,

Types of Herbivores Animals

  • Folivores eat leaves
  • Frugivores eat fruit
  • Xylophages eat wood
  • Granivores eat seeds
  • Nectivores eat nectar
  • Detritivores eat dead plants
  • Palynivores eat the nutrient-rich pollen from flowers

Some animals don’t categorize their foodstuff. They consume everything from the plant outcomes.

List of Herbivores Animals Name

  1. Antelope
  2. Aphid
  3. Ascidia
  4. Beaver
  5. Bison
  6. Bongo
  7. Buffalo
  8. Bumblebee bat
  9. Bushbuck
  10. Butterfly
  11. Call
  12. Camel
  13. Capybara
  14. Caterpillar
  15. Cattle
  16. Chinchilla
  17. Cow
  18. Dugong
  19. Donkey
  20. Elephant
  21. Elk
  22. Fruit bat
  23. Giant panda bear
  24. Giraffe
  25. Goat
  26. Gorilla
  27. Grasshopper
  28. Guinea pig
  29. Hare
  30. Hippopotamus
  31. Honeybee
  32. Horse
  33. Howler monkey
  34. Iguana
  35. Kakapo
  36. Kangaroo
  37. Koala
  38. Maggot
  39. Manatee
  40. Moth
  41. Moose
  42. Mule
  43. Okapi
  44. Rabbit
  45. Reindeer
  46. Rhinoceros
  47. Ruminant
  48. Scavenger
  49. Sea cow
  50. Sea slug
  51. Sheep
  52. Snail
  53. Tapir
  54. Termite
  55. Tortuga
  56. Ungulate
  57. Zebra

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