Types of Noun: Definition, and Examples

Learn different types of nouns, Generally, there are five types of nouns in the English language.


The Noun that specifies the name of a specific person, place, thing, or idea in any sentence.

Most of the sentence contains a subject is also called a Noun.

examples: Mr. Anderson, Jimmy , Israel, Temple, Seashore, Singapore, Democracy, Car, Friendship, Book, Tiger etc.

Examples of the Noun

  • Mr. Anderson is the richest person in Asian Countries.
  • Singapore is a beautiful place to roam.
  • His father purchased him a new car on his birthday.
  • Our friendship remains forever.

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Types of Noun

If we categorize according to the name of a particular place, person, thing, or an idea in a sentence then a Noun is again classified into five different categories-

  1. Proper noun
  2. Common noun
  3. Collective noun
  4. Abstract noun
  5. Materialistic noun

1. Proper Noun

The proper noun refers to the name of a specific person, place, thing, or idea. It always begins with a capital letter to represent a name.

examples: Miss Jane, Smith, Antarctica, Samsung,Harley Davidson bike etc.

Examples of the Proper noun

  • Miss Jane works as a receptionist in the Ford hospital.
  • Antarctica is an ocean that is situated in the South Pole.
  • He bought a brand new Harley Davidson bike yesterday.

2. Common Noun

A common noun is simply a general name. A name for an unspecified place, person, or thing, so it does not need any capital letters.

examples: Book, Car, Temple, Lamp, Subway, Teacher, Baby, Woman, Father, Window

Examples of the Common Noun

  • Her husband is a public servant.
  • This woman saves a kitten from the dogs.
  • I always wanted to buy a car.
  • The teacher is coming to the classroom.

3. Collective noun

A collective noun indicates a group of individuals, things.

examples: battalion, crew, committee, government, audience, team etc.

Examples of the collective noun

  • This battalion performs better on the battlefield.
  • One member of the crew is absent today.
  • The committee members already approve of this decision.
  • The government is going to release a welfare fund for backward villages.

4. Abstract noun

An abstract noun expresses feelings, ideas, qualities that are unable to touch or experience.

examples: anger, happiness, truth, liberty, character, love,freedom etc.

Examples of the abstract noun

  • He took all his anger on his neighbor.
  • Always speak the truth with your elders.
  • Raghav is the right character person.
  • He respects the value of freedom of choice of her wife.

5. Material Noun

A material noun is a noun that describes the name of the material of which the things are made.

examples: money, aluminum, gold, water, wood, brass etc.

Examples of the Material Noun

  • Uranium is used to manufacture Nuclear bombs.
  • Blacksmith uses iron to make weapons.
  • Consumption of an egg and milk is beneficial for health.