Collective Noun: Definition, Examples, Sentences & List

What is a collective noun? definition of collective noun and list of collective nouns.

Collective Noun

A collective noun is a type of noun that expresses a name for a collection of a bunch of several people, objects, things, animals, etc. it is simply a word for a particular entity that is made for more than one person, idea, thing, or animal.

It is simply a class of something which they own.

Examples of Collective Noun

Examples of some common collective nouns are as follows.

  • People: family, class, army, crew, colony, staff, crowd, team
  • Things: bunch, album, group, pack, comb, list, pack
  • Animals: herd, hive, fold, bale, clutter, flocks, troop, pod
collective noun

Examples of Collective Noun in Sentences

  1. This class is going to the assembly right now.
  2. The decision of the jury is the final decision of the court.
  3. There will be a holiday on Saturday to the school on account of Christmas.
  4. She comes along with a catalog of jewelry.
  5. A patrol car is rounding up the entire city at night.
  6. You have to answer in front of the council.
  7. Andrew took a bouquet with him while going to Zara’s home.
  8. The meeting of staff members will start after an hour.
  9. I am from the Sahara Regiment, batch 25.
  10. There was a tribe living in the forest.
  11. The overall performance of the team is appreciable.
  12. Our party is going to introduce this agenda to the Parliament.
  13. A huge round of applause is coming from the side of the Audience.
  14. In ancient times, most of the people lived in a joint family.
  15. Our band group is going on a tour of Amsterdam.
  16. The Indian Army is the third-largest army in the world.
  17. Management has decided to organize an annual gathering.
  18. A press conference is held in the Hotel paradise.
  19. We have to win all the league matches to qualify for the finals.
  20. A herd of bison was struck with spears.

List of Collective Nouns

1. collective noun list for animals

  1. an army of ants
  2. a broad of quail
  3. a catch of fish
  4. a cloud of insects
  5. a flight of birds
  6. a flock of sheep
  7. a haul of fish
  8. a litter of cubs
  9. a nest of mice
  10. a pride of lions

2. collective noun list for person

  1. an army of musicians
  2. a body of men
  3. a class of students
  4. a crew of sailors
  5. a dynasty of kings
  6. a group of dancers
  7. a line of kings
  8. a mob of rioters
  9. a staff of employees
  10. a tribe of scouts

3. collective nouns list for things

  1. a bale of cotton
  2. a batch of bread
  3. a battery of guns
  4. a bowl of rice
  5. a cloud of dust
  6. a comb of bananas
  7. a forest of trees
  8. a hedge of bushes
  9. a pack of cards
  10. a stack of wood
collective noun

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