Conjunction Types: Definition & Examples


A Conjunction is a part of speech that is used to connect two or more than two different words, phrases, clauses in a sentence. It also shows the connection between those two sentences, which is related to each other.

Also, conjunction can be used as a correlative conjunction by including two conjunctions together.

  • And, or, not, but, so, for, while, because, not only. but also, either or, neither.. nor, etc
types of conjunction

There are three types of conjunction,

  1. Coordinating Conjunction
  2. Subordinating Conjunction and
  3. Correlative Conjunction.

1. Coordinating Conjunction:

Coordinating conjunction is a type of conjunction that is used to join two words, clauses, phrases whose formation is similar. The seven coordinating conjunctions are “so, or, nor, and, but, for, yet”.

Examples of coordinating conjunction are in sentences.

  1. Saam forgot his house keys, so he tried to open the lock with a hairpin.
  2. Do you like to purchase this pendant or that bracelet?
  3. His favourite cricket players are Brett Lee and Steve Smiths.
  4. I chose this Champagne bottle for my wedding anniversary.
  5. The committee hasn’t yet decided the playing eleven for the tournament.

2. Subordinating Conjunction:

A Subordinating types Conjunction is used to join two unlike clauses, phrases, or a sentence structure from which one is a dependent clause, and the other is an independent clause.

  • When, where, that, though, than, after, if, which, as much as, while, until, before, since, whoever, in order that, unless, etc.

Examples of subordinating conjunction are in sentences.

  1. Because of the nonstop rain, we had to cancel our trip.
  2. The stadium was looking like garbage after the match had finished.
  3. When my dad was reading the newspaper, I went outside of my room.
  4. Before we start the game, everyone should understand the game rules.  
  5. This bike has been kept in the garage, since my childhood.

3. Correlative conjunction:

A Correlative Conjunction is a combination of two words used in a similar sentence structure to show the difference or to compare.

These words are adverbs but are used as a conjunction.

  • Not only – but also, either-or, not – but, neither – nor, such – that, etc.

Examples of correlative conjunction are in sentences

  1. I like both candies and chocolates.
  2. She became a topper not only in the district but also in the state.
  3. They can have either whiskey or wine at a party.
  4. Both my brother and I are gamers.
  5. She will neither drink nor eat anything from yesterday.