Material Noun: Definition, Types, Examples & List


A material noun a noun that refers to a metal or other substance that is made up of metals or various materials or metallic elements.

It is simply a name of various raw materials or elements which exist in nature or the environment. Also, some of them are evolved from animals or plants after the biodegradation process. Material nouns are formed from nature like gold, silver, iron, coal, rock, copper, aluminum, etc.

The most important thing about this noun is that it only indicated the materials or substances and not people, places, etc. The sources of raw materials are plants, animals, nature such as,

The material noun is one of the five different types

material noun

Types of Material Noun

  • Material nouns for plants: Food, oil, coffee, medicine, perfume, tea, cotton, rubber, etc.
  • Material nouns from animals: Wool, meat, honey, egg, milk, leather, silk, etc.
  • Materials from nature: Sand, rock, rain, salt, water, silver, gold, diamond, coal, air, etc.
  • human-made material nouns: Alcohol, cement, charcoal, cheese, paraffin, cloth, utensil, brick, acid, etc.

Examples of a Material Noun are in Sentences

I have put the material noun are in bold.

  1. He purchased a diamond ring for me.
  2. The silver-plated ornament is looking very nice.
  3. The Eiffel tower is made up of iron plates and beams.
  4. The cement sack is placed outside the house.
  5. Cement is manufactured from materials like limestones and gypsum.
  6. Please write your name on a piece of paper and submit it to me.
  7. The kids are playing marbles on the ground.
  8. The swimming pool water is recleaned with chlorine.
  9. The needle is made of stainless steel.
  10. The brick fell from the building.
  11. Woolen clothes are mostly used in the winter season.
  12. He added some extra cheese to my bread.
  13. Poor kids need food for their habitat.
  14. Brass is an alloy of different materials.
  15. It usually rains here because of the mountains and forests.
  16. The sanitizer contains some amount of alcohol.
  17. The teak wood is obtained from the forest.
  18. He wears a golden bracelet in his hand.
  19. My grandmother uses charcoal to brush her teeth.
  20. Man of the match was awarded a golden bat from the chief guest.

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