Learn Different Types of Hats for Men & Women

Hats are considered as the kinds of fashionable wearing things that today’s generation people are accepting. If we look at the fascinating history of the hats, it will be a fantastic experience to know about them.

Over the centuries, hats have been considered as the symbol of looking rich and different, afterward, it was accepted as a fashionable statement for people, and sometimes, it became a requirement for them.

Types of Hats

These hats have such an amazing and interesting history and story that they acquire a place like an addition to the men’s wardrobe and feel a touch of style and glamour to some outfits.

Not every hat suits every person’s face and body structure, but it looks wonderful in some people, enhancing the person’s charm, whether a man or a woman.

Apart from the styles and fashions, it adds as a protector used to protect oneself from dust, pollution and prevents the scalps and hair from external injury.

They can come in all shapes and sizes depending on the people and their state of fashion.

different types of hats with pictures

Types of Hats for Mens

  1. Akubra Men Hat
  2. Ascot Cap
  3. Balaclava
  4. Baseball Cap
  5. Beret
  6. Boater Hat
  7. Bobble Hat
  8. Bonnet
  9. Boonie Hat
  10. Bowler Hat
  11. Bucket Hat
  12. Campaign Hat
  13. Cartwheel Hat
  14. Chullo Hat
  15. Chupalla Hat
  16. Cloche Hat
  17. Cocktail Hat
  18. Conical Hat
  19. Coonskin Hat
  20. Cowboy Hat
  21. Cricket Hat
  22. Custodian Hat
  23. Derby Hat
  24. Fascinator Hat
  25. Fedora
  26. Fez
  27. Floppy Hat
  28. Gallon Hat
  29. Garrison Cap
  30. Gatsby Hat
  31. Half Hat
  32. Homburg Hat
  33. Ivy Cap
  34. Kepi Hat
  35. Kettle Brim Hat
  36. Newsboy Hat
  37. Pakol Hat
  38. Panama Hat
  39. Papakha Hat
  40. Party Hat
  41. Peach Basket Hat
  42. Peaked Hat
  43. Pith Helmet
  44. Pork Pie Hat
  45. Sailor Hat
  46. Straw Hat
  47. Sun Hat
  48. Tam Cap
  49. The Breton Cap
  50. The Deerstalker
  51. The Sou’wester Hat
  52. The Umbrella Hat
  53. The Yarmulke
  54. Top Hat
  55. Toque Hat (Aka Chef’s Hat)
  56. Trapper Hat
  57. Trilby Hat
  58. Turban
  59. Tyrolean Hat
  60. Ushanka Hat
  61. Vagabond Hat
  62. Whoopee Cap
  63. Yarmulke

Types of Hats for Womens

  1. Ayam Hat
  2. Barretina 
  3. Beanie Pull-On Hat For Women:
  4. Bearskin Hat 
  5. Beret
  6. Bicorne Hat
  7. Biretta
  8. Bonnet
  9. Boudoir Caps
  10. Breton Hat For Women
  11. Bucket Hat
  12. Bullfighter Hat
  13. Busby
  14. Cappello Romano
  15. Cartwheel Hat
  16. Cloche Hat
  17. Cocktail Hat
  18. Colorful Braided Straw Hat For Women:
  19. Crochet Hat For Women
  20. Derby Hat
  21. Dhaka Topi/ Nepali Topi
  22. Fascinator Hat
  23. Floppy Hat
  24. Gandhi Cap
  25. Ghutra 
  26. Half Hat
  27. Kettle Brim Hat
  28. Kofi
  29. Mitre
  30. Newsboy Hat
  31. Papakha Hat
  32. Peach Basket Hat
  33. Pillbox Hat
  34. Plain Straw Hat For Women:
  35. Sailor Hat
  36. Shtreimel
  37. Straw Hat
  38. Sun Hat
  39. Tennis Hat For Women:
  40. The Breton Cap
  41. The Sou’wester Hat
  42. Tricorn Hat
  43. Tudor Bonnet
  44. Vagabond Hat
  45. Zucchetto

Different Types of Hats with Facts

  1. Balaclava

The balaclava cap is a head wrap cap, not a hat, and it is mainly accepted by men that come under this classification. It encloses the face and entire neck of a person relieving the eyes only.

  1. Baseball Cap

The baseball caps are one of the most popular caps among the different hats in the modern world and are also a part of the sporting wear which helps players from the sun rays while playing the games on the field. There will be a print of their team logo, badges, and brands on the caps of each player or even the supporters of any particular team.

  1. Beret

The beret is a famous hat worn in the country of France, and it has become a fashion statement over there among the people.

  1. Bonnet

A bonnet is a classic hat that is mostly worn by women. Nowadays, this has fallen out of fashion because of the rare change in size, shapes, and statement. It may look in the fancy dress parties and rich programs of the ladies’ organizations like kitty parties in the early 1920s.

  1. Bucket Hat

The bucket hats are accepted and mostly used by the farmers and fishers to protect themselves from the sunlight in middays. It has also been a part of fashion by both men and women to show their trendy look. 

  1. Cowboy Hat

The cowboy hat is the most popular hat among all other hats in men, and it will always be seen and adored in western movies. These are used on a daily basis by the people of the southern states of the USA.

  1. Fedora cap

Fedora cap is a well-known classic cap that looks like a floating head tops of the gangsters of the old-time classic movies. 

  1. Fez hat

These hats are more exotic hats than other hats, and it comes from one of the most popular hats in the whole world by today itself. These hats are known for their large tassel that hangs off the top of the head of a person who wears it.

  1. Sun Hat

The sun hat, the name itself tells us about the hat. It is the most common hat among men and women to be worn in the sunshine. Because of the wide brim of this hat, it is used to protect them from the direct rays and their adverse effects. Most of the ladies wear this hat while surfing near the beach, scrolling in the parks, or for fashionable purposes.

  1. Top Hat

The top hat is another classic one worn by the civilized gentlemen of the world since ancient times. The brim of this hat is wide and has a tall crown. It has been shown on historical figures like Abraham Lincoln.

  1. Akubra Men Hat

An Akubra men hat is well known for its bush and is manufactured in Australia by the Australian Manufacturer, which has a wide brim and dents on both sides of the crown. It is also called bush hats and is famously worn by Horse Racers.

  1. Ascot hat

The Ascot hat is a woolen hat traditionally designed in the early 1900s. This cap is also called the Lip pin cotton hat. The ascot hat is also considered a semi-formal hat for men.

  1. Plain Straw Hat For Women

The plain straw type of hat is specially designed for women by elegant designers, and women mostly accept the straw hat because the brim of this hat is made of a pair of colorful balls in structure and looks attractive. This hat is also called the Panama hat.

  1. Colorful Braided Straw Hat For Women

The colorful braided straw hats are used as summer hats by the women, and it looks attractive because of their colorful outlook, which attracts a girl’s eye to it. It can also be used at beachside parties that easily match with the thin beachside dress and a pair of beach sandals, respectively.

  1. Crochet Hat For Women

The crochet hat is for women and looks elegant on them, and it is very easily available in multi-colors in the market depending on the color of the dress to match.

  1. Beanie Pull-On Hat For Women

The beanie hat is designed for women, a unique kind of hat made of cloth material. This is good for wearing by women and designed comfortably.

  1. Boater Hat

The boater hat is a kind of men’s hat, and it is also called a Seaman’s hat. It is mostly made up of straw-type material and is designed flat to wear on the head, and the brim feels special when wearing. Young, as well as middle-aged people, can wear it.

  1. Cricket Hat

The cricket hat is named after such hats after being worn by the Umpires during the cricket game. This hat is made of medium-thick cotton material, and the brim is slightly loose and has a shallow crow part on the crown. It makes them feel comfortable from the sunlight, and also it provides an ease to the eyes of the umpires from the giant flashlights that illuminate the stadium.

  1. Gatsby Hat

The Gatsby hat is normally designed and worn by men because of its classic design and material. This hat is quite soft and thick as compared to others. 

  1. Tennis Hat for Women

The tennis hat is a half-designed hat whose crown part is not visual because of the thick and heaving rim with a thin strap available in different colors and materials.

  1. Party Hat

The party hats are designed like an inverted cone on the crown of the hat, and the materials used in designing this hat are glittery and shiny papers to look attractive and unique. It also has a thread to make it stable on the head during enjoyment.

  1. Peaked Hat:

The peaked hat is a commonly used hat worn by military persons, pilots, police officers, and ship Captains. The crown of this hat is flat and has a sloppy outlook with a thick band. 

  1. Bowler Hat

The Bowler’s hat is a complex, felt hat that has a narrow brim and a well-round crown. This hat was mostly worn by the 19th-century workers of the railway and the cowboys also.

  1. Boonie Hat

The Boonie hat became popular during the Vietnam War. It is a soft cap made of fabric and polyester. It has a flat crown and wide-brimmed usually slopes that provide shade on the face. It can easily be folded and tucked somewhere when not in use and 

  1. Custodian Hat

The custodian cap is also called the custodian helmet or hat because its structure looks like a hat traditionally worn by police officers and firefighters in early times. It is made of cork and plastic. It protects the head from accidents and specific causes.

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