Tense Chart: Basic Rules & Formula

If you are a beginner in tenses. You are searching where I can learn all the tenses. Here I have provided a basic tense chart.
It helps to remember all the rules and formulas easily. you can be saved this chart offline to learn in your spare time.

The table below shows a chart of tenses in English.

SimpleHe drives a carHe drove a carHe will drive a car
ContinuousHe is driving a carHe was driving a carHe will be driving a car
PerfectHe has driven a carHe had driven a carHe will have driven a car
Perfect ContinuousHe has been driving a car since morningHe had been driving a car since a 6 am.He will have driving a car
at 6 am tomorrow.

Tense Chart Rules & Examples

tense chart

12 Basic form of Tenses with Examples

1. Present Simple Tense

  • Formula: Sub+V1+Obj
  • Positive: He plays cricket.
  • Negative: He does not play cricket.
  • Question: Does he play cricket?

2. Past Simple Tense

  • Formula: Sub+V2+Obj
  • Positive: Emma went to school.
  • Negative: Emma did not go to school.
  • Question: Did Emma go to school?

3. Future Simple Tense

  • Formula: Sub+will+V1+Obj
  • Positive: She will write an email.
  • Negative: She won’t write an email.
  • Question: Will she write an email?

4.Present Continuous Tense

  • Formula: Sub+am/is/are+V1+Ing+Obj
  • Positive: We are listening to a song.
  • Negative: We aren’t listening to a song.
  • Question: Are we listening to a song?

5.Past Continuous Tense

  • Formula: Sub+was/were+V1+Ing+Obj
  • Positive: They were writing an essay.
  • Negative: They weren’t writing an essay.
  • Question: Were they writing an essay?

6.Future Continuous Tense

  • Formula: Sub+will be+V1+Ing+Obj
  • Positive: Ben will be going home.
  • Negative: Ben won’t be going home.
  • Question: will ben go home?

7. Present Perfect Tense

  • Formula: Sub+have/has+V3+Obj
  • Positive: He has read a book.
  • Negative: He hasn’t read a book.
  • Question: has he read a book?

8. Past Perfect Tense

  • Formula: Sub+had+V3+Obj
  • Positive: They had bought a new mobile.
  • Negative: They hadn’t bought a new mobile.
  • Question: had they buy a new mobile?

9. Future Perfect Tense

  • Formula: Sub+will have+V3+Obj
  • Positive: She will have sung a song.
  • Negative: She won’t have sung a song.
  • Question: will have she sing a song?

10. Present Perfect Continuous Tense

  • Formula: Sub+have/has+been+V1+Ing+Obj
  • Positive: David has been losing weight.
  • Negative: David hasn’t been losing weight.
  • Question: has been David lose weight?

11. Past Perfect Continuous Tense

  • Formula: Sub+had+been +V1+Ing+Obj
  • Positive: He had been reading novels since morning.
  • Negative: He hadn’t been reading novels since morning.
  • Question: had he been reading a book since morning?

12. Future Perfect Continuous Tense

  • Formula: Sub+will have+been+V1+Ing+Obj
  • Positive: He will have been driving a car at 6 am tomorrow.
  • Negative: He won’t have driving a car at 6 am tomorrow.
  • Question: will have been he driving a car at 6 am tomorrow.?