Collective Nouns List for Animals, Peoples, & Things

A complete list of collective nouns of people, animals, things, and objects. We have provided 100 common collective nouns with pictures.

Collective Nouns List

  • People: team, crowd, crew, colony, army, class, family, staff
  • Things: pack, album, group, comb, list, bunch
  • Animals: fold, hive, herd, bale, flocks, clutter, troop, pod
collective noun list

1. collective noun list for animals

  1. String: A group of horses.
  2. Herd: A group of sheep.
  3. Rouleau: A collection of monkeys.
  4. Mob: A group of deers.
  5. Team: Number of Oxen.
  6. Chatter: A group of Budgerigars.
  7. Sloth: A group of bears.
  8. Flock: An assembly of birds.
  9. Litter: A group of cubs.
  10. Caravan: A group of camels.
  11. Bale: A group of turtles.
  12. Drove: Number of bullocks.
  13. Band: A group of gorillas.
  14. Herb: a collection of deers.
  15. Cloud: A group of grasshoppers.
  16. Drey: Number of squirrels.
  17. Colony: A group of rats.
  18. Army: An army of ants.
  19. Nursery: A nursery of Raccoons
  20. Pleague: A group of locusts.
  21. Shoal: A list of fishes found in the freshwater.
  22. Zeal: Number of Zebras stand along.
  23. Raffle: A bunch of turkeys.
  24. Knob: A set of waterfowls.
  25. Cete: A group of badgers.
  26. Train: a group of camels.
  27. Covert: A list of many coots together.
  28. Bloat: Many hippos stand together apart.
  29. Murder: A clan of crows.
  30. Obstinacy: A herd of buffaloes.
  31. Bellow: A herd of bullfinches.
  32. Troubling: A group of goldfishes.
  33. Cast: A group of hawks.
  34. Array: A collection of hedgehogs.
  35. Burry: A colony of rabbits.
  36. Kindle: A group of kittens.
  37. Richesse: A herd of martens.
  38. Fling: A clan of dunlins.
  39. Zoo: A zoo of wild animals.
  40. School: It is not only a place of learning but also a group of social fishes.
  41. Bed: A marine depth land surface which is a habitat or a colony for mollusks.
  42. Pride: It describes a group of lions or some special birds like ostriches and peacocks.
  43. Host: It can be applied for a group of visitors or birds or other gatherings.
  44. Bevy: It is related to small and little birds that got out of the eggshell.
  45. Brood: It is a group of little animals or hatchlings born around the same time.
  46. Congregation: it is a collective noun for the group of alligators.
  47. Peep: A union of chickens who dug in a single place for finding their food.
  48. Swarm: A group of insects or other pets, which implies a pesky bout.

2. collective noun list for peoples

  1. Staff: A group of people worked in the same place
  2. Regiment: A group of Army-men.
  3. Committee: A group of people in management.
  4. Bevy: It is related to the group of females, women gathering together, writers.
  5. Company: A company of actors, girl guides.
  6. Formation: A formation of geologists.
  7. Class: a group of students.
  8. Choir: A group of singers.
  9. Party: a party of friends.
  10. Band: A band of musicians, soldiers, robbers, men.
  11. Board: A board of directors, trustees, chess players.
  12. Boast: A boast of barristers.
  13. Mob: A mob of rioters.
  14. Body: A body parts of men, pathologists.
  15. Banner: A banner of knights.
  16. Crush: A crush of shoppers.
  17. Clutch: A clutch of clusters.
  18. Bunch: A bunch of crooks.
  19. Congregation: A congregation of worshippers.
  20. Troupe: A troupe of artists.
  21. Crew: A crew of sailors.
  22. Crowd: A group of people.
  23. Dynasty: A dynasty of kings.
  24. Gang: A gang of prisoners.
  25. Group: A group of dancers.
  26. Host: A host of angels.
  27. Pack: A pack of thieves.
  28. Bench: A bench of bishops, Judges, Magistrates
  29. Babble: A babble of barbers.
  30. Billow: A billow of smokers.
  31. Blast: A blast of hunters.
  32. Chapter: A chapter of canons.
  33. Cavalcade: A cavalcade of the horseman.

3. collective noun list for things

  1. Convoy: A group of trucks in a single place.
  2. Pack: Many cards are used for playing cards.
  3. Album: An album of autographs, photographs, stamps.
  4. Battery: A battery of guns.
  5. Clutch: A clutch of eggs.
  6. Mass: A mass of hairs.
  7. Suite: A suite of furniture, rooms.
  8. Tuft: A tuft of glass.
  9. Cloud: a cloud of dust.
  10. Bundle: A bundle of sticks.
  11. Bunch: A bunch of keys.
  12. Bowl: A bowl of rice.
  13. Orchard: A small forest of fruit trees.
  14. Hedge: A hedge of bushes.
  15. Catalog: A book of the price of materials or things.
  16. Fitting: A fitting of sails.
  17. Atlas: Number of maps.
  18. Harvest: A harvest of wheat.
  19. Hand: A hand of bananas.
  20. Chest: A chest of drawers.
  21. Belt: A belt of Asteroids.
  22. League: A group of Matches.
  23. Agenda: A group of words or tasks.
  24. Round: A set of drinks.
  25. Galaxy: A group of stars in the sky.
  26. Bunch: A set of keys used to collect together.
  27. Shower: Number of water droplets falling together.
  28. Range: A group of mountains located in the same place.
  29. Fleet: Many vehicles, boats stand together.
  30. Batch: More number of bread together.
  31. Forest: A huge number of trees
  32. Punnet: More number of strawberries
  33. Stand: A group, groove of trees of small species.
  34. Clump: It is applied for reeds, moss, or seaweeds.
  35. Pair: A pair of shoes.
  36. Packet: A packet of letters.
  37. Wad: A bunch of notes, currencies.
  38. String: A string of pearls.
  39. Sheaf: A sloth of grain.
  40. Reel: Number of film negatives.
  41. Ream: A ream of papers.
  42. Flight: Number of stairs together.
  43. Rope: A rope of onions
  44. Role: A roll of coins.
  45. Quivers: Number of arrows.

Complete List of collective noun

  1. A bale of cotton
  2. A basket of fruit
  3. A batch of bread
  4. A battery of guns
  5. A bevy of ladies
  6. A block of flats
  7. A board of directors
  8. A body of men
  9. A book of notes
  10. A bouquet of flowers
  11. A bowl of rice
  12. A brace/A wince of dentists
  13. A bunch of crocks
  14. A bunch of keys
  15. A bundle of sticks
  16. A caravan of gypsies
  17. A catalog of prices
  18. A chest of drawers
  19. A choir of singers
  20. A circle of friends
  21. A class of pupils
  22. A fleet of ships
  23. A forest of trees
  24. A gaggle of geese
  25. A galaxy of stars
  26. A gang of prisoners
  27. A group of dancers
  28. A group of islands
  29. A hail of bullets
  30. A hand of bananas
  31. A harvest of wheat
  32. A haul of fish
  33. A heap of rubbish
  34. A hedge of bushes
  35. A herd of cattle
  36. A hive of bees
  37. A horde of savages
  38. A host of angels
  39. A host of angels
  40. A house of senators
  41. A joint of osteopaths
  42. A library of books
  43. A lie/An equivocation of politicians
  44. A line of kings/rulers
  45. A melody of harpists
  46. A mess/An execution of officers
  47. A meter of percussionists
  48. A mob of rioters
  49. A mob of rioters
  50. A morbidity of majors
  51. A mug/A reflection of narcissists
  52. A multiply/An unhappiness of husbands
  53. A mutter of mothers-in-law
  54. A number/A set of mathematicians
  55. A pack of Brownies
  56. A pack of thieves
  57. A nest of mice
  58. A pack of wolves
  59. A pan of reviewers
  60. A panel of experts
  61. A party of friends
  62. A patrol of policemen
  63. A peck of Frenchmen
  64. A picket of strikers
  65. A pint of Irishmen
  66. A pity/A gang of prisoners
  67. A plush/A rascal of boys
  68. A pomposity of professors
  69. A posse of police
  70. A posse of sheriffs
  71. A pound of Englishmen
  72. A poverty of pipers
  73. A promise of barmen
  74. A prudence of vicars
  75. A quiz of teachers
  76. A rage of maidens
  77. A rash of dermatologists
  78. A regiment of soldiers
  79. A roll of drummers
  80. A rookery/A school of clerks
  81. A rout of schoolboys
  82. A sample of salesmen
  83. A school of clerks
  84. A scolding of seamstresses
  85. A scoop/A slant of journalists
  86. A sentence of judges
  87. A series of radiologists
  88. A set/A subtlety of designers
  89. A set/A swish of hairdressers
  90. A shower of bastards
  91. A shower of meteorologists
  92. A shrivel of critics
  93. A shuffle of bureaucrats
  94. A side of dancers
  95. A simplicity of subalterns
  96. A slate of candidates
  97. A slither of gossip columnists
  98. A slouch of models
  99. A sneer of butlers
  100. A sprig of vegetarians
  101. A squad of beaters
  102. A squad of soldiers
  103. A squeal of nieces
  104. A staff of employees
  105. A squat of daubers
  106. A staff of servants
  107. A staff of teachers
  108. A stalk of foresters
  109. A subtlety of sergeants at law
  110. A superfluity of nuns
  111. A tabernacle of bakers
  112. A talent of gamblers
  113. A tantrum of decorators
  114. A team of athletes
  115. A team of players
  116. A thought of barons
  117. A tribe of Indians
  118. A trip of hippies
  119. A troop of boy scouts
  120. A troupe of acrobats
  121. A troupe of artistes
  122. A tribe of natives
  123. A troupe of dancers
  124. A troupe of performers
  125. A wandering of tinkers
  126. A wheeze of joggers
  127. A wisdom of grandparents
  128. A worship of writers
  129. A-line of kings
  130. An absence/An order of waiters
  131. An alley/A pratfall of clowns
  132. An amalgamation of metallurgists
  133. An amble of walkers
  134. An ambush of widows
  135. An army of soldiers
  136. An attitude/A grunt of teenagers
  137. An audience of listeners
  138. An eloquence of lawyers
  139. An embarrassment /A persistence of parents
  140. An entrance of actresses
  141. An expectation of heirs
  142. An expectation of midwives
  143. An illusion of magicians
  144. An impatience of wives
  145. An imposition of in-laws
  146. An obeisance of servants
  147. An obscurity/A rhyme of poets
  148. An observance of hermits
  149. An obstruction of dons