Examples of Countable nouns are in Sentences

Learn twenty sentences of countable nouns. A countable noun is a noun that can be count in numbers.

examples of countable noun are in sentences

Examples of Countable Noun are in Sentences

  1. She borrowed eggs from the shop yesterday.
  2. Those books are in the cupboard
  3. An apple a day keeps the doctor away.
  4. Around nine cybercafes are there in this City.
  5. Every kid likes to eat Icecream.
  6. Robin has five apartments in the City.
  7. My Father sometimes forgets his wallet.
  8. I ordered a pizza from your shop.
  9. I brushed my teeth every morning
  10. They go to a movie every Sunday.
  11. We go to school every morning.
  12. We need six eggs to make a cake.
  13. Onions fell from his carry bag.
  14. Make a couple of drinks with ice cubes and come along.
  15. I have completed four chapters from the syllabus.
  16. I need a pen to sign the documents.
  17. My mother doesn’t use a laptop.
  18. He needs an amount of $500 right now.
  19. He has a broken leg and fingers in a car accident.
  20. My mobile is not working properly.

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