20+ List of Drink Names with Pictures

Are you looking for different types of drink or beverage names in English with Pictures? These different types of drinks name are helpful for everyone who want to improve their vocabulary words in English. Here you will find more than twenty lists of drinks name with pictures.

Drink Names

Drinks or beverages play a very important role in our lives. Drinks are consumed by humans to feel energetic, refreshment, and relaxed. There are various types of drinks available in the market. We can classify beverages based on their properties as alcoholic or non-alcoholic, flavored or plain, and hot and cold. Coffee and tea are the most popular drinks among people.

list of drink names with pictures

List of Drink Names with Pictures

Sr NoImagesDrinks Name
5.Coconut milk
6.Sports drinks
7.Energy Drinks
9.Soya Milk
10.Apple Juice
11.Soft drinks
13.Iced tea
14.Hot chocolate
16.Soda water
17.Almond milk
18.Orange juice
19.Grape juice
20.Herbal tea
21.Green tea
22.Grape soda

Drinks Name with Details


We should drink enough water to stay hydrated.


Would you like to have coffee?


Tina sipped tea slowly.


Milk consists of various types of minerals and amino acids.


Fresh juice has more nutrients than packed juice.

Sports Drinks

Sports drinks provide hydration and electrolytes.

Energy Drinks

I drink energy drinks when I need a boost of energy.


Milkshakes make a delicious dessert or snack.

Soya Milk

He uses soya milk to make a milkshake.

Apple Juice

She drinks apple juice every morning.


Homemade lemonade is better than store-bought.

Iced tea

Can I have a sweet iced tea, please?

Hot chocolate

We need a glass of hot chocolate to warm up.


My brother starts a day with healthy smoothies.

Soda water

Could you make soda water for me, please?

Almond milk

Usually, I prefer almond milk instead the dairy milk

Orange juice

She loves the sweet taste of orange juice.

Grape juice

Let’s have a glass of grape juice.

Herbal tea

My family starts a day with a cup of hot herbal tea.

Green tea

let’s go for green tea instead of milk tea.

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