50+ Fish Name in English with Pictures

Fish Name in English! We all know many names of the fishes and their specifications. For more information, you can get the names of important and known common fishes given in the list below. Their information is also given that will help you better understand the lifestyle and habitat of the aquatic fishes.

Fish Names

Fishes are also living creatures whose existence on earth is underwater. Fishes always lived in water like freshwater, saltwater, or other kinds of water bodies. Apart from the lifestyle of mammals, fishes are cold-blooded species which means their body temperature is not controlled by them and is influenced by the environment, and can lay eggs underwater openly.

fish name in english

They have gills to breathe, fins to swim, and scales that cover them from the outer surface. They are also called aquatic animals, which are vertebrates and have backbones.

List of all Fish Name in English

  1. Whale
  2. Dolphin
  3. Eel
  4. Flying Fish
  5. Shark
  6. Anchovy
  7. Barracudas
  8. Pufferfish
  9. Rainbow Trout
  10. Salmon
  11. Sawfish
  12. Lungfish
  13. Mackerel
  14. Bullhead
  15. Butterflyfish
  16. Catfish
  17. Catla
  18. Blue Tang
  19. Bombay Duck
  20. Cichlid Fish
  21. Goldfish
  22. Jellyfish
  23. Labeo Calbasu
  24. Mystus Tengara
  25. Oscar Fish
  26. Paplet- Indian Butter Fish
  27. Betta
  28. Cisco Fish
  29. Piranha
  30. Prawn
  31. Shark Catfish
  32. Siamese Fighting Fish
  33. Swordfish
  34. Tuna
  35. Walking Catfish
  36. Mrigal Carp
  37. Pink Perch
  38. Snakehead
  39. Clownfish
  40. Garfish
  41. Labeo Rohita- Rohu
  42. Lionfish
  43. Milkfish
  44. Alligator Gar
  45. Barramundi
  46. Climbing Perch
  47. Stingray
  48. Ailia Coila
  49. Stonefish
  50. Sturgeon

Details of Fishes Name in English with Pictures


Whale fishes are the largest animals present on the earth, and their living habitats are found in every ocean on the earth. Their existence living underwater is more than 1000 meters. They are named Whale fish because of their appearance.


The dolphinfish is a special fish from other fishes that breathes from lungs rather than gills like most fishes do. They swim very fast, jump high from the water’s surface, and dive back into the water. They have blowholes on the top of their head like the nose from which they breathe. The qualities of fish vary from other fishes in various ways. Dolphins are intelligent fish, and also they are good friends of human beings because they do not harm them. 


Eel fishes are long, snake-like structured fishes whose lengths are from 5 cm to 400 cm. These fishes are one-jawed fishes, and their pelvic fins are absent and also poorly developed fins. They mostly live deep in water bodies and are also found in tropical seas. Their skin is smooth, slippery, and doesn’t have scales.

Flying Fish

The flying fish is a small, medium-sized fish that flies above the water surface as they have developed ray fins which they use to fly. They are available in more than 40 other species. 


Shark fishes are not like other normal fishes. They are like water predators and cold-blooded animals. They have eight fins, and they breathe through the gills. The skeleton of shark fish is cartilage, and their teeth are not anchored to their jaws. Modern sharks are called the sisters of the ray fishes.


The pufferfishes are unique fish with many unique characteristics. They are called blowfish because their stomach is elasticated, and as they feel any kind of danger, they swallow large amounts of water (sometimes air) and protect themselves from their predators. Some pufferfishes have spines on their body to ward off their predators.


The Catla fishes are common fishes found in the Indian water regions. They are one of the most popular freshwater fish and are grown in many Indian regions. They have a broad head, and their lower jaw is large, protruding with an upper-turned mouth. Callas is the second most important species after Rohus for pisciculture.


Goldfishes are scientifically called Carassius auratus and are mostly found in aquariums and freshwaters. They are one of the most popular fishes kept in indoor aquariums, fish bowls, or small ponds.


Jellyfishes have stinging cells with tentacles from which they stun or paralyze their prey, and then they eat them. Their mouth is hidden inside their bell-shaped body structure. Their sting is even harmful or dangerous to humans also. These fishes don’t have brains, hearts, bones, and eyes.


The Piranhas are very known and dangerous predators of the fish species as they have razor-sharp teeth from which they grab their prey and kill them in seconds. They have gills to breathe and powerful fins that help them to swim faster in water than their prey. They are cold-blooded fishes.


Prawn is a well-known aquatic fish with an exoskeleton and ten legs with antennas on their nose. They can live for two to three years and they grow enough in about six to eight months.


Clownfishes are social fishes as they are present in various colors. They communicate by popping and clicking noises. They live in groups with a dominant female clownfish, dominant male fish, and some smaller male fishes. They are mostly found in coral reefs and also in the depth of oceans and seas.

Labeo Rohita- Rohu

Labeo rohita is a popular fish in Indian Coastlands which is also known as Rohu finishes In India. Rohus stands first in fishes that are used for pisciculture for business purposes. These fishes are large omnivore fishes and are consumed by humans in large quantities in India and other Asian countries.


The Stingrays are finished with a disk-shaped structure that looks flexible, with tapering tails like a spike from which they attack their prey or other predators who try to attack them. Many of the stingrays’ fishes are from those species whose spines are venomous. Their appearance does not look like a fish, but they are from the fish species which do not have bones, and they are popularly known as shark cousins.


The stonefish is a kind of fish predator for other small aquatic fishes. These fishes have acquired the color of stones at the water bases and remain still and wait for their prey to come near them and get caught by them. These fishes look like a stone rock present inside the water body. They have dorsal dome spines that excrete venoms on their prey. The stonefish is the most venomous fish in the world in fish species.

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