100+ Animals and their Homes | Animals Home Name

In this post, we are going to study the names of different animal and their homes. It will increase your knowledge and make you active in your awareness of the animal and its existence. Below is a list of the animals and their respective shelters.

Houses of Animals

As we all know, every living being on this planet needs a shelter/home for their survival and a better place where they feel safe and peaceful than any other place on this planet. Like our home, where we live, work, play, enjoy, sleep, and feel comfortable. It is a place where we store our food and other stuff of our needs that makes us feel better and safe from danger and trouble.

animals and their homes

In the same way, animals and birds have places where they live, sleep and feel comfortable. They have a family to feed for their survival and feel safe from external threats, lay eggs, raise their young, and seek protection from natural consequences such as cold, rain, and other harsh weather conditions. They use their homes/shelters for their purpose.

List of Animals and their Homes

Sr. NoAnimals NameHome/Shelter
1.Aardvarkburrow, den
4.Apelogging, nest
6.Badgerhole, sett
7.Batroost, cave
8.Bearden, cave, large forest
9.Beaverbeavery, lodge, burrow
10.Beeaviary, beehive, hive
11.Beetleland (tunnel)
12.Birdaviary, nest
14.Buffalobarn, byre, pasture, stable
15.Bullcattle shed
17.Catcattery, lair, den
18.Cattlebarn, byre, pasture, stable
19.Cheetahsafari, savanna
22.Cockroachhomes, sewers, privies
23.Cowshed, pen
28.Deergrass, trees, and bushes
31.Donkeystable, barn, shed
32.Dovecolumbarium, dovecot
33.Ducknest, pond
35.Elephantjungle, dip-wad, nest
37.Fishwater aquarium, vivary, pond
38.Flycracks, crevasse
39.Foxburrow, hole, lair
40.Frogfroggery, ranarium
43.Goatlocker, pen
47.Guinea Pighutch, cage
50.Hawkhawkery, mew
51.Hippopotamusriver banks
53.Horsestable, mew, stall
55.Kangaroohollow tree
57.Leopardsafari, savanna
61.Moleburrow, fortress, tunnel
63.Moosemoosey land
67.Otterhole, couch, holt, lodge
69.Pandabamboo tree
72.Pigcote, pen, sty
73.Pigeoncote, loft
74.Polar bearhole, burrow 
75.Porcupineburrow, hollow trunk
76.Porpoiseaquarium, sea
77.Possumtree, forest
78.Rabbithutch, burrow, hole
79.Raccoonden, burrow
80.Ratnest, hole
82.Rhinocerossavannah, wallow
83.Rookrookery, nest
84.Sealionrookery, nest
86.Sheepcot or cote, fold, pen
87.Snailshell, snailery
88.Snakeburrow, ophidarium, snakery
91.Squirreldray or drey
93.Termitetermitarium, mound
96.Viperhole, burrow
97.Wallabyhollow tree
99.Wolflair, den
102.Yakhill, mountain, barn
103.Zebrajungle, safari, veldts
104.Zebrasafari, veldts

Common Animals House Name

  1. dog house name kennel
  2. horse house name stable
  3. hen house name Chicken coop
  4. cow house name cowshed
  5. rabbit house name hutch
  6. sheep house name flock shed
  7. lion house name Den
  8. cat house name cattery, lair, den
  9. pig house name cote, pen, sty
  10. ant house name hill
  11. honey bee house name Hive
  12. goat house name locker, pen
  1. Aardvark house name is burrow
  2. Alligator house name is nest
  3. Ant house name is formicary, hive, nest
  4. Ape house name is logging, nest
  5. Armadillo house name is burrow
  6. Badger house name is hole, set
  7. Bat house name is roost, cave
  8. Bear house name is den, cave
  9. Beaver house name is beavery, lodge, burrow
  10. Bee house name is aviary, beehive, hive
  11. Beetle house name is land(tunnel)
  12. Bird house name is aviary, nest
  13. Bittern house name is nest
  14. Buffalo house name is Barn, Byre, Pasture, Stable
  15. Camel house name is desert
  16. Cat house name is Cattery, Lair, Den
  17. Cattle house name is Barn, Byre, Pasture, Stable
  18. Cheetah house name is safari, savanna
  19. Chicken house name is coop
  20. Chimpanzee house name is tree
  21. Cockroach house name is houses, sewers, privies
  22. Coyote house name is lair
  23. Crane house name is nest
  24. Crocodile house name is nest
  25. Crow house name is nest
  26. Deer house name is grass, trees, and bushes
  27. Dog house name is kennel
  28. Dolphin house name is dolphinarium
  29. Donkey house name is barn, shed
  30. Dove house name is columbarium, dovecot
  31. Duck house name is nest, pond
  32. Eagle house name is eyrie.
  33. Elephant house name is dip-wad, nest
  34. Ferret house name is cage
  35. Fish house name is aquarium, vivary, pond
  36. Fly house name is cracks, crevasse
  37. Fox house name is burrow, hole, lair
  38. Frog house name is froggery, ranarium
  39. gerbil house name is gerbilarium
  40. Giraffe house name is safari
  41. Goat house name is locker,pen
  42. Gorilla house name is nest
  43. Grasshopper house name is grassland
  44. Grouse house name is nest
  45. Guinea Pig house name is hutch, cage
  46. Hamster house name is cage
  47. hare house name is form
  48. Hawk house name is hawkery, mew
  49. Hippopotamus house name is river banks
  50. Hornet house name is hive
  51. Horse house name is stable, mew, stall
  52. Hyena house name is den
  53. Kangaroo house name is hollow tree
  54. Koala house name is tree
  55. Leopard house name is safari, savanna
  56. Lion house name is den
  57. Llama house name is hut
  58. Mole house name is Burrow, Fortress, Tunnel
  59. Monkey house name is tree
  60. Moose house name is moosey land
  61. Mouse house name is mouse-hole
  62. Nightingale house name is nest
  63. Ostrich house name is veldts
  64. Otter house name is couch, holt, lodge
  65. Owl house name is owlery
  66. Panda house name is bamboo tree
  67. Parrot house name is cage
  68. Penguin house name is penguinery.
  69. Pig house name is cote, pen, sty
  70. Pigeon house name is cote, loft
  71. Polar bear house name is hole, burrow
  72. Porcupine house name is burrow, hollow trunk
  73. Porpoise house name is sea, aquarium
  74. Possum house name is tree, forest
  75. Rabbit house name is hutch, burrow, hole
  76. Raccoon house name is den, burrow
  77. Rat house name is nest, hole
  78. Raven house name is ravenry
  79. Rhinoceros house name is savannah wallow
  80. Rook house name is nest
  81. Sea lion house name is rookery.
  82. Shark house name is sea
  83. Sheep house name is cot or cote, fold, pen
  84. Snail house name is snailery.
  85. Snake house name is ophidarium, snakery
  86. Sparrow house name is nest
  87. Spider house name is web
  88. Squirrel house name is dray or drey.
  89. Swan house name is swannery.
  90. Termite house name is termitarium, mound.
  91. Tiger house name is lair
  92. Turtle house name is sea
  93. Viper house name is hole, burrow
  94. wallaby house name is hollow tree
  95. Whale house name is whalery
  96. Wolf house name is lair
  97. Wombat house name is burrow
  98. Woodpecker house name is nest
  99. Yak house name is hill, mountain, barn
  100. Zebra house name is safari, veldts

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