Coordinating Conjunction FANBOYS, Examples & List

Coordinating Conjunction

Coordinating conjunction (FANBOYS) is a type of conjunction that is used between two words, phrases, or clauses equally important in grammar compared to each other. It is also called the coordinator. This conjunction type is the most common to join two independent clauses, phrases, or even words in a sentence, whether adjectives, adverbs, nouns, pronouns, etc. 

The coordinating conjunctions are only seven in numbers and are easily memorable by memorizing the word “F A N B O Y S.”

The seven coordinating conjunctions are For, And, Nor, But, Or, Yet, So, respectively.

coordinating conjunction

Examples of Coordinating Conjunctions in Sentences

  1. This parcel is only for the secretary of the apartment.
  2. Michael and John are both excellent rugby players.
  3. You have to choose between sweets or chocolates.
  4. Whoever says so is a liar.
  5. Neither Robert nor his sister came to the ceremony.
  6. I will come with you all but not swim in the lake.
  7. You want to join our party or study alone.
  8. The best part of the movie is yet to come.
  9. The car is out of fuel, so we have to wait here.
  10. I like playing football and basketball.
  11. I have neither cooked food nor washed clothes.
  12. I worked hard from my side, but I didn’t get paid as much.
  13. An old lady sat down and read novels.
  14. He wants to purchase a car but doesn’t have money.
  15. The lady called for security.
  16. We still have some doubts, so we went to the professor.
  17. Is that dog alive or dead?
  18. Lara can both eat and speak.
  19. We haven’t finished our dinner yet.
  20. I want to cook, but there is no stuff.

List of Coordinating Conjunctions:

  • For
  • And
  • Nor
  • But
  • Or
  • Yet
  • So

More Types of Conjunction

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  2. Subordinating Conjunction