Subordinating Conjunction: Examples, Sentences, & List

Subordinating Conjunction

The subordinating conjunction is a conjunction used to connect two unlike clauses, phrases, or sentences from which one is a subordinate clause or dependent clause. The other one is an independent or main clause of the sentence.

Subordinating conjunction comes before or at the beginning of a dependent or subordinate clause. An independent clause or a main clause itself comes alone without any dependent clause or any conjunction support.

Examples of Subordinating Conjunction

As, after, although, as much as, as soon as, before, because, even, even though, how, if, in order that, just as, lest, now that, now when, only if, once, provided, rather than, since, so that, suppose, than, though, then, that, till, unless, until, when, where, while, which, who, whom, whose, whether, etc. are subordinating conjunctions.

subordinating conjunction

Examples of Subordinating Conjunctions are in Sentences

  1. I read a newspaper because it provides information.
  2. The stadium looks like garbage after the match.
  3. Someone dropped me here when I was young.
  4. Everyone should know the rules of the game before starting.
  5. This car has been in my house since my childhood.
  6. I feared lest he said something inside.
  7. We have to clean the clothes if suppose the maid will not come.
  8. The hotel staff provided every facility in their rooms.
  9. The train reached the station before us.
  10. He won so many tournaments when he was young.
  11. He struggled hard in his bad days until he succeeded.
  12. We went to our seats as soon as the professor arrived.
  13. The students might be assuming that tomorrow will be a holiday.
  14. You can take my bike if only my dad gives permission.
  15. Try to submit your assignments even if it is not completed.
  16. Run as long as you can to escape from the cops.
  17. Complete the order as much as possible in one hour.
  18. You may go abroad once I approve of your visas.
  19. I will not move further unless you come to the shooting location.
  20. Whoever loses the game will have to pay the bill.

List of Subordinating Conjunctions

  • Than
  • Rather than
  • Provided
  • Provided that
  • Only if
  • Now that
  • Now when
  • Till
  • Where
  • After
  • Even if
  • Whenever
  • Where 
  • That
  • Since
  • Even though
  • Who
  • Whom 
  • While
  • When 
  • Suppose
  • Once
  • Wherever
  • Where if
  • As though
  • Now since
  • By the time 
  • Though
  • Whoever
  • As far as
  • In order
  • Unless
  • Although
  • Assuming that
  • Until
  • As
  • As if
  • Because 
  • Whose
  • Even
  • In case
  • So that
  • Whereas
  • If only
  • Whatever
  • As much as
  • If 
  • How
  • If when
  • Lest
  • Just as
  • If then
  • As soon as
  • Before
  • As long as
  • Except

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