60 Daily Use Sentences in Classroom for Students

Learn daily use sentences in the classroom for students. daily use English sentences for students in school. general sentences in English for students.

daily use sentences in classroom for students

Daily use English Sentences for Students

  1. Are you ready to go?
  2. Everybody makes a straight line.
  3. Well done, my boy!
  4. You’re doing very well!
  5. Can I come to your office?
  6. Please note down tomorrow’s homework.
  7. Lunchtime! Come on, everybody, to the canteen.
  8. Please pack your items properly.
  9. Have you had good lessons?
  10. Let the contestants stand out.
  11. Good job!
  12. Wow! That is an immense leap forward.
  13. Hurry up! We have to go.
  14. It was a mistake.
  15. It happened by chance.
  16. I will not give you any homework for tomorrow.
  17. Did he come to school today?
  18. What year is this?
  19. Who is your class teacher?
  20. Bring the attendance register from the staff room.
  21. Where is the duster?
  22. Why did you bunk the last class?
  23. Please, pay attention, everybody.
  24. Open chapter 7 in your textbook.
  25. Quickly get ready!
  26. Don’t touch her!
  27. Walk slowly from the stairs!
  28. It’s time to go to sleep!
  29. Do you want to enroll your child in the contest?
  30. Do you have a fever?
  31. Would you please move a little forward?
  32. Can I sit with you?
  33. Apologies from the whole class.
  34. I will try my level best.
  35. Our school conducts music classes. 
  36. All those who know the answer raised their hands.
  37. How many semesters are there in graduation?
  38. What is the strength of the class?
  39. Isn’t your colleague coming today?
  40. Take a duster and clean the blackboard!
  41. What is the next period?
  42. Can you turn the volume up?
  43. Please come as soon as possible.
  44. Did you understand?
  45. Turn the page of your textbook.
  46. Look at chapter five.
  47. Listen to this line.
  48. Everyone, repeat after me.
  49. Not again, please.
  50. Are you feeling unhappy?
  51. Where did you get my number?
  52. Where is it hurting?
  53. Are you feeling comfortable?
  54. It’s time to brush your teeth!
  55. May I have your attention, please?
  56. I hope you all enjoyed the trip.
  57. What do you want for your birthday?
  58. Come here and write something on the blackboard.
  59. Today, we are conducting a surprise test.
  60. Can everyone see the blackboard?