50 New Words with Meanings and Sentences

There are so many words in the English language with their alternate synonyms sometimes used in daily spoken English language. Some are still unknown to us.

Here are some new English words with meaning that we can also use to speak daily.

new words with meaning and sentence

50 New English Words with Meaning

  1. Awesome-sauce – (adjective) 
    Meaning: excellent, extremely good.
    The restaurant is situated near here which makes awesome-sauce vegetarian food.
  1. Bagel – (noun)
    Meaning: a dense bread role of a ring shape, made by boiling dough and then baked
    I ate a cheesy bagel bread sandwich for breakfast today’s breakfast.
  1. Buzzy – (adjective)
    Meaning: lively and exciting that generates especially of a place or atmosphere.
    This nightclub is very buzzy with live music in our city.
  1. Buka – (noun)
    Meaning: an inexpensive roadside restaurant that prepared food in advance.
    When I was on tour, I ate mostly in bukas and restaurants more often.
  1. Dumpster – (noun)
    Meaning: a large container of rubbish like waste.
    dumpster is coming to the harbor as a shipment.
  1. Deleter – (noun)
    Meaning: agent noun of delete, one who deletes.
    deleter is deleting all the waste data from the hard disk.
  1. E- waste – (noun)
    Meaning: discarded electronic appliances from gadgets.
    E-waste is the fastest-growing source of manufacturing waste.
  1. Eyelessness – (noun)
    Meaning: blindness due to lack of eyes.
    His friend never got married due to his eyelessness problem.
  1. Freegan – (noun)
    Meaning: one who rejects consumerism to help the environment by reducing waste.
    We need, or we want to be, freegans to clean our wasteful society.
  1. Stan – (noun, verb)
    Meaning: any obsessive fan of a popular celebrity.
    She has so many stans who are obsessed with her performance.
  1. Peoplekind – (noun)
    Meaning: people as a whole as gender-neutral, humankind.
    A news reporter is covering a peoplekind behavior in his news channel.
  1. Hellacious – (adjective) 
    Meaning: an overwhelming experience
    There was a hellacious hailstorm.
  1. Puggle – (noun)
    Meaning: a baby echidna, a crossbreed of a pug, and a beagle.
    This is a puggle, sporting a permanently frowny face.
  1. Shero – (noun)
    Meaning: A female hero, heroine.
    She is one of the best sheros in this modern generation.
  1. Weak sauce – (noun, adjective)
    Meaning: a poor and disappointing quality.
    The further discussion is totally weak sauce.
  1. Thirsty – (adjective)
    Meaning: showing a strong desire for a drink or something.
    I was feeling so thirsty an hour ago.
  1. Theonomous – (adjective)
    Meaning: hypothetical form of government ruled by divine law or God.
    The theonomous culture is still found in some places in India now.
  1. Skunked – (verb)
    Meaning: fail to pay, defeat someone in-game, or contest.
    I know your opponent is a good athlete, but I don’t think he’ll skunk you.
  1. Aesthetic – (adjective, noun)
    Meaning: concerned with beauty or appreciation.
    This picture always gives me an aesthetic feel.
  1. Zoodle – (noun)
    Meaning: a long stripe of zucchini.
    She made zoodles for dinner, which smells very delicious.
  1. Unfathomed – (adjective)
    Meaning: situated or extending at great depth.
    There are so many dark, unfathomed caves in the ocean.
  1. Detail – (noun, verb)
    Meaning: an individual fact or item, gives full information about.
    Bring each and every detail of that case on my desk.
  1. Amount – (noun, verb)
    Meaning: a quantity of something, that come to be when added together.
    A limited amount of diet gives limited nutrients to the body.
  1. Approval – (noun)
    Meaning: a belief of something is good or acceptable.
    We need the approval of the principal to organize the function.
  1. Base – (noun, verb)
    Meaning: the lowest part of an edge of something, the foundation.
    He parked his car at the base of this building.
  1. Business – (noun)
    Meaning: a person’s regular occupation, profession, or trade.
    Our company is offering a business deal with one overseas company.
  1. Comfort – (noun, verb)
    Meaning: a state of physical ease and freedom, tend to relaxation.
    His luxurious car provides more comfort in their seats.
  1. Cover – (noun, verb)
    Meaning: to enclose something in an enclosure, to put something over in order to hide or to protect.
    The volunteers must cover the ground while raining.
  1. Current – (noun, adjective)
    Meaning: a flow of electricity. Belonging to the present time.
    The ratings of the current event hosted by him is on fire.
  1. Day – (noun)
    Meaning: 24 hours, a part of the day when it is light.
    A worker is working eight hours in one day.
  1. Decision – (noun)
    Meaning: the process of deciding something, a conclusion reached after consideration.
    He is the decision-maker in our family.
  1. Because – (conjunction)
    Meaning: for a reason.
    He eats boiled food because he is dieting.
  1. Take – (noun, verb)
    Meaning: accept or receive, an amount of something gained or acquired.
    Take care of her, after all, she is your responsibility from now on.
  1. Consider – (verb)
    Meaning: an assumption before making any decision.
    Every student has to follow the schedule, which is already considered.
  1. Minute – (noun)
    Meaning: a period of time equal to sixty seconds, the sixtieth degree of angular measurement.
    She missed her flight by just one minute.
  1. Conduct – (noun, verb)
    Meaning: organise and carry out, or a manner in which a person behaves.
    The principal is going to conduct a seminar on career guidance topics.
  1. Appoint – (verb)
    Meaning: determine or decide on any position.
    He is appointed one of his friends in his office as a manager.
  1. Inspire – (verb)
    Meaning: create feelings in someone.
    You have to inspire the audience with your performance to grab votes.
  1. Crew – (noun, verb)
    Meaning: a group of people who work on the same project.
    One of the crew members has been injured while working.
  1. Distinction – (noun)
    Meaning: a difference or contrast between similar things.
    There is a fine edge of distinction between these two colleges.
  1. Scale – (noun, verb)
    Meaning: a thick, dry flake of skin, a flaky covering, or deposit.
    The skin of fish may scale and peel away with an itchy brush.
  1. Exert – (verb)
    Meaning: apply or bring to bear.
    A truck exerts pressure on the wall.
  1. Oppress – (verb)
    Meaning: cause distress or anxiety.
    He was oppressed by his fellow classmates.
  1. Perpetual – (adjective)
    Meaning: never ending or changing, occurring repeatedly.
    Samuels is one of the perpetual secretaries in our society.
  1.  Although – (conjunction)
    Meaning: in spite of the fact that even though.
    Although the decision made by the principal is not as strict as his words.
  1. Second – (verb, number)
    Meaning: rank, or importance, subordinate or inferior in position.
    She ranked second in the race.
  1. Certain – (adjective, pronoun)
    Meaning: able to be firmly relied on to happen.
    In certain conditions, this theory proves wrong because of some random dimensions.
  1. Factors – (noun, verb)
    Meaning: a level on a scale of measurement.
    The foaming factor of this machine is neglected while doing practicals.
  1. Language – (noun)
    Meaning: a system of communication used by a particular country or community.
    She speaks around 12 different languages easily.
  1. Last – (adjective, adverb, noun)
    Meaning: most recent in time, latest.
    That was the last piece in this box.

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