Reflexive Pronoun: Definition, Examples, Sentences, and List

The reflexive pronoun is a pronoun that reflects the actions of the verb of the subject in a sentence. This pronoun does not substitute any noun or a pronoun from its place in the sentence. In simple words, the reflexive pronouns are the explanatory words of the subject, which gives the reflection of the work and movements of the subject in a sentence.

Reflexive pronouns function as a direct or indirect object and are simply formed by adding -self (in singular) or -selves (in plural) at the end of the words of personal or possessive pronouns, respectively. 

  • Myself, ourself, ourselves, yourselves, ourselves, himself, themselves, themself, themselves, etc., are reflexive pronouns.
reflexive pronoun

Examples of reflexive pronouns are in sentences

  1. She cut down her hair herself yesterday.
  2. You have to complete your assignments and submit yourself tomorrow.
  3. We have completed this entire space ourselves within a few weeks.
  4. They arrange the entire facilities themselves.
  5. The cat crosses the road itself.
  6. I’ve told myself to stay away from these bad habits.
  7. We can celebrate here ourselves without any disturbances.
  8. He is going to drive this car himself today to go to school.
  9. This classroom is so designed that it illuminated itself according to the need.
  10. You are so young to do it yourself.
  11. Monkeys like to jump themselves from trees to trees.
  12. The car adjusts itself according to the season.
  13. I had to leave immediately, so I chose to drive myself.
  14. Uncle John himself prepares his meals.
  15. They don’t need to call the plumber, and they fixed the leaks themselves.
  16. This expensive sportscar is a class by itself.
  17. My family saves money by painting the walls ourselves.
  18. Do not cut yourself with the knife you hold in your hands.
  19. When the opportunity presented itself, he grabbed it.
  20. The entire community has decided to prevent themselves from pollution.

List of reflexive pronoun:

  1. Myself
  2. Yourself
  3. Ourselves
  4. Himself
  5. Herself
  6. Itself
  7. Yourself
  8. yourselves
  9. Themselves