Female Body Parts Names In English with Pictures

Are you looking for a female body parts name in English? Here we have covered a complete list of female body parts as given below in this post that helps you understand the female body parts and organs clearly, which will surely enhance your knowledge.

Female Body

The human body is classified into two different sections according to their biological changes: the human male body and the human female body. 

female body parts name in english

The human female body is like a male body with some notable changes. This essential change is due to their behavioral nature of becoming pregnant, giving birth to babies, and feeding their young ones that separate the female body from the male body.

Female Body Parts Names

  1. Arm
  2. Abdomen
  3. Ankle
  4. Armpit
  5. Artery
  6. Back
  7. Backbone
  8. Belly
  9. Bladder
  10. Blood
  11. Bone
  12. Brain
  13. Breast
  14. Brow
  15. Buttock
  16. Calf
  17. Cheek
  18. Chest
  19. Chin
  20. Ear
  21. Elbow
  22. Eye
  23. Eyelid
  24. Face
  25. Fingers
  26. Flesh
  27. Foot
  28. Forearm
  29. Forehead
  30. Gum
  31. Hair
  32. Hand
  33. Head
  34. Heart
  35. Heel
  36. Hip
  37. Intestine
  38. Jaw
  39. Kidney
  40. Knee
  41. Knuckle
  42. Lap
  43. Leg
  44. Lip
  45. Liver
  46. Lung
  47. Mouth
  48. Muscles
  49. Nail
  50. Navel
  51. Neck
  52. Nose
  53. Palm
  54. Pubis
  55. Pulse
  56. Rib
  57. Shoulder
  58. Skull
  59. Stomach
  60. Teeth
  61. Temple
  62. Thigh
  63. Throat
  64. Thumb
  65. Toes
  66. Tongue
  67. Trachea
  68. Umbilicus
  69. Uterus
  70. Vagina
  71. Vein
  72. Waist
  73. Wrist

Details of Female Body Parts

  1. Arm

The arm is a part of a human body that is present above the hand, and it contains two parts, the upper arm and the lower arm (forearm). The upper arm is connected to the Shoulder. It is used for various purposes while doing work.

  1. Bone

The human body is completely made of a structure called a skeleton. This skeleton is made of bones, and the flesh is bound over the bone to make a human body.

  1. Brain

The brain is a vital part of the human body and is also called the CPU of the body. All the functions performed by the body are commanded by the brain that is present inside the skull.

  1. Breast

A female body consists of a breast at the chest area, an inflated portion, and a nipple containing the mammary glands that produce milk in the female body to feed their babies.

  1. Cheek

The human face contains cheeks that cover the teeth and the jaw. It connects the upper jaw to the lower jaw and is the enlightened part of the human face.

  1. Ear

The ear is a body part that is used for listening or hearing the voices in our surroundings. It contains eardrums that are present inside the ear.

  1. Eye

The eye is a body part that is used for vision. It helps visualize nature, which contains eyelids, pupils, cornea, retina, and iris that help provide the vision.

  1. Fingers

Fingers are present in hand and are used to grab things objects. It is also called the upper limbs. 

  1. Hair

Hair is a non-sensitive part of the body that sticks on the skin surface and somehow protects the skin from outer damages or direct contact. It can be considered for fashion.

  1. Hand

The hand is also called the upper limb that presents after the wrist and connects with the forearm containing the palm, wrist, and fingers.

  1. Head

The Head is a part of the body present at the top of the human body and consists of the face, skull, brain, and hair.

  1. Heart

The heart is present in the left side of the chest between the lungs, whose function is to pump blood to the whole body through the blood vessels. We can observe it by our heartbeats.

  1. Leg

The human leg is, also called the lower limb, used to walk and move from one place to another. It also contains two parts, thigh, and calf. Also, it contains the toes, knees, ankles, and heels.

  1. Lip

The lip is present above the chin and on the face. It is the opening of the mouth whose functions are sucking, kissing, and speaking with the help of the tongue. 

  1. Mouth

The mouth is the main part of the body used to eat and provide food to the body. It contains the tongue, lips, teeth, and gums that connect the upper jaw and the lower jaw. It is also called the entrance of the digestive system of the body.

  1. Neck

The Neck is present between the head and the thorax of the body. It contains the windpipe, food pipe called the esophagus, and the throat. It conveys the food from the pharynx from the mouth to the stomach.

  1. Nose

The nose is the respiratory organ used for smelling things, dishes, and other odors. It is the respiratory system’s initial opening, which has nostrils that connect to the windpipe.

  1. Shoulder

The Shoulder is the connecting bone between the upper arm and the chest part of the body. It is also used to lift heavy things and other objects and is connected with the neck.

  1. Tongue

The tongue is also called the strongest muscle in the human body. It is present inside the mouth, which secrete the saliva, taste the food, and make a bolus of food particles. It is also used for talking. Without a tongue, we cannot speak clearly.

  1. Vagina

The vagina is the outer part and opening of the female reproductive system and is present in the pubical area in the frontal part of the body. It is the inside passageway to the cervix and uterus and a track from where babies come out while giving birth.

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