20 Examples of Adverb of time

What is an adverb of time?

An adverb of time is that kind of adverb that expresses the time or moment with a specific word for which certain action takes place is called the adverb of time. The adverb of time is performing the same as that of the adverb of frequency.

Suppose that, if we ask for the time of action, we ask the moment by ‘When.’ At this instant, we use words to indicate time, such as ‘Yesterday, Today, Tomorrow, Later, Last, Now, Then, Last year,’ respectively.

And if we are asking for the period of action, that is how long the action takes place, then we ask How long. At this instant, we use words to indicate period such as ‘All morning, For hours, Since last week, Frequently, Never, Sometimes, Often, Annually, etc.’ respectively.

adverb of time examples

Examples of Adverb of time used in Sentences

  1. I went to Los Angeles yesterday.
  2. By tomorrow morning, I will be with you.
  3. She prepares food for her friends that are coming in the evening to her house.
  4. Seema reached here two days back.
  5. His train is running on time and will be arrived at 9.30 AM.
  6. They played well in yesterday’s match.
  7. It’ll take about three hours if everything goes smoothly.
  8. The players are warming up for around half an hour.
  9. She left my home in the afternoon.
  10. When I reached the destination, she went away from there.
  11. I will wait for a few minutes till she arrives.
  12. I tried to call her many times, but her phone was either switched off or not reachable.
  13. When she was about to come back, she got me on the phone.
  14. May I use your knife for a while?
  15. She will take at least an hour to prepare food.
  16. They asked me if I could wait outside till she came.
  17. Ravi said that I could wait for his friend as long as he wanted.
  18. She just arrived home.
  19. Sam came here last night.
  20. She visited here for the very first time.

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