20 Examples of Prepositional Phrase

A prepositional phrase is a combination of a prepositional word and objects like the phrase, gerund, or a clause of a noun, adjective, or adverb, respectively.

examples of prepositional phrase

Examples of Prepositional Phrases in Sentences

  1. The boy in that car is very rich.
  2. We are on the way to Goa.
  3. The Submarine sinks into the ocean.
  4. The policeman is traveling around the city.
  5. The girl in the pink dress is our senior.
  6. Taking a nap during the ride has been outstanding.
  7. Eating dinner with everyone is the perfect moment.
  8. The shoot behind the scenes was really funny.
  9. The man sitting next to me has a clear and sweet voice.
  10. The playground near my residence is very posh.
  11. The restaurant at the corner of the street gives special treatment to their customers.
  12. His father takes his phone from the table and puts it with him.
  13. With the help of a few people, we can easily clean our society.
  14. After the elections, the politicians sit silently.
  15. A small baby is crying inside the classroom.
  16. A kid is stuck behind the bus.
  17. She has been looking towards the window for two hours.
  18. Her father insults her friends in front of everyone.
  19. He throws the ball towards the lake.
  20. Gorge fell down off the top form the building.