Non-Finite Verb: Definition, Examples, and List

Non-Finite Verb

The non-finite verb does not act as a verb in a sentence but is a noun, adjectives, and adverbs, respectively. Non-finite verbs are opposite to finite verbs, which is not actual. It does not represent any tense formation. Also, it does not indicate any person, number, or tense of a sentence.

There are three kinds of non-finite verbs in the English Language.

  • Infinitive (formed by adding “to” before the base verb)
  • Gerund (formed by adding “ing” to the base verb, acts as a subject in a sentence)
  • Participle (formed by adding “ing” to the base verb, acts as an adjective to the subject)
non-finite verb

Examples of Non Finite Verbs

  1. Sailing is my favorite sport.
  2. The dancing floor is shining.
  3. Chewing tobacco is bad for health.
  4. She used to bake a cake for orders.
  5. Georgia likes playing hide n seek.
  6. I struggled hard to learn things.
  7. Children like to play with toys.
  8. Agatha tries to sing a song.
  9. Cooking food is my sister’s favorite hobby.
  10. She is looking angry.
  11. The wrestler fights to win.
  12. He needed to find a lot of money quickly.
  13. Let them eat their meal.
  14. He loves eating chocolates.
  15. Sam woke early and went to the gym.
  16. Listening helps to increase knowledge.
  17. Working on farmland makes you active.
  18. The nail is twisted by hammering.
  19. He used to purchase a leather jacket.
  20. The movie is about to start.

List of Non-Finite Verbs

  • To bake
  • Disturbing
  • To open
  • Dressing
  • To knock
  • Comparing
  • To fry
  • Protecting
  • Greeting
  • Review
  • To swim
  • Singing
  • To complete
  • To match
  • Naming
  • To need
  • To order
  • Drying
  • To organize
  • To eliminate
  • To pack
  • Ending 
  • To paint
  • Walking
  • Changing 
  • To love
  • To close
  • Managing

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