Finite Verb: Definite, Rules, Examples, and List

Finite Verb

The finite verb is also called the limited verb or the actual verb, which is the background of the sentence responsible for the tense formation. They have a definite relation with a subject or a noun of a sentence and are also changed accordingly to the noun.

According to the number or person of the subject in a sentence, a finite verb can be used from one of the twelve forms of tense.

Finite verbs are also considered as the origin of the grammatical information of a person, gender, tense, number, mood, aspect, and voice, respectively. It also includes some auxiliary verbs like a must, have, can, be, etc.

Some Rules to Use Finite Verbs

  1. The position and form of a finite verb can easily be identified.
    Finite verbs end with -ed to determine the past timing, some finite verbs don’t have these endings.
  2. Finite verbs end with “s” to determine the present timing in a sentence which is used with a third-person singular subject respectively.
  3. Some finite verbs include auxiliary verbs.
    Finite verbs may surround a subject and make them into questionable sentences.
finite verb

Examples of Finite Verbs in Sentences

  1. He goes to school daily.
  2. The shop opens sharply at 9:00 AM.
  3. He wakes up early in the morning.
  4. She ran in the tournament and took first place.
  5. I go to the gym regularly.
  6. She offers me a cup of coffee.
  7. He is traveling to California for some business work.
  8. Kids like to play in the swimming pool of the waterpark.
  9. Are you joking in front of these dignitaries?
  10. She is very excited to go out for dinner tonight.
  11. He travels so long.
  12. We swam in the river for 3 hours.
  13. I love mountain climbing.
  14. Geneva brushes her teeth twice a day.
  15. She waters the plants.
  16. The sun rises to the east.
  17. Every child likes ice cream.
  18. You have a big house here.
  19. His brother takes out the trash.
  20. We generally sing songs altogether.

List of Finite Verbs

  1. Bake
  2. Knock
  3. Behave
  4. Walk
  5. Change
  6. Love
  7. Close
  8. Manage
  9. Compare
  10. Mark
  11. Complete
  12. Match
  13. Die
  14. Name
  15. Disagree
  16. Need
  17. Disturb
  18. Open
  19. Dress
  20. Order
  21. Dry
  22. Organize
  23. Eliminate
  24. Pack
  25. End
  26. Paint
  27. Enjoy
  28. Pass
  29. Fix
  30. Perform
  31. Follow
  32. Freeze
  33. Program
  34. Fry
  35. Protect
  36. Greet
  37. Review
  38. Swim
  39. Sing
  40. Must

More Types of Verb

  1. Non finite Verb
  2. Regular Verb
  3. Irregular Verb