20 Examples of Modifiers in Sentences


The modifiers are the words, phrases, or clauses used to change or modify the meaning of the sentence. It is not necessary to use the modifiers in the sentence every time.

Any word that functions as an adverb or adjective in a sentence is termed as the modifier.

examples of modifiers

Examples of Modifiers in Sentences

  1. My childhood friend is coming from London in business class.
  2. A person with a white beard met me on the journey.
  3. I feel secure with you while going outside.
  4. I have completed all the pending assignments.
  5. Few people are shouting outside the cabin of the CEO.
  6. She is an excellent student among all.
  7. We looked something strange when we were coming back.
  8. He scored many centuries in his innings.
  9. The girl was sleeping awkwardly on the terrace.
  10. I come to know the process after joining there.
  11. Lalit loves to watch action movies.
  12. Sara prefers to eat boiled eggs for her breakfast.
  13. I am standing outside the blue building.
  14. His friend is waiting for you in a black jacket outside the station.
  15. She slapped him when we were going to the tuitions.
  16. We had great fun on this trip.
  17. I met an interesting guy in the cafeteria.
  18. She is moving very fastly towards the library.
  19. Strawberry-flavored chocolates are my favorites.
  20. The pilot is overspeeding the train in the night.