Transitive Verb: Definition, Examples, and List


A transitive verb is a verb that needs a direct object to implement an action, whether it may be a noun, pronoun, noun phrase, or else which follows the verb of a sentence to make the sentence meaningful. A verb is said to be a transitive verb only when the verb puts action on the object of the sentence.

A verb can only be described as transitive or intransitive based on the requirement of the object that completes the thought or not.

A transitive verb is followed by a word or group of words called direct objects, which answers the words like What? or Whom? Respectively.

For example, 

  • Maintain, believe, tolerate, respect, bring, pay, give, refuse, sing, offer, leave, play, etc., are called transitive verbs.
transitive verb

Examples of transitive verbs are in sentences

  1. He has driven the plane in an emergency.
  2. He ate his lunch box before the time.
  3. She baked cookies on her sister’s birthday.
  4. The delivery boy has delivered the consignment successfully.
  5. My father took me to the restaurant whenever I feel hungry.
  6. He bought me two pizzas from the shop.
  7. My boss offered me a marriage proposal.
  8. He nicely maintained the house after me.
  9. She sang a song for him.
  10. His bracelet costs expensive.
  11. Jake loves playing football.
  12. He refused to come along with his dad.
  13. She owes me for the entire week.
  14. The lab assistant showed the students a procedure of an experiment.
  15. gave them a second chance to prove themselves.
  16. They sold some movie tickets in black.
  17. Michael drove the boat very fast.
  18. A couple watched an Eiffel tower.
  19. The students understood the topics for assignments.
  20. He sent an email to his boss.

List of transitive verbs

  1. Bring
  2. Owe
  3. Buy
  4. Pass
  5. Cost
  6. Pay
  7. Get
  8. Play
  9. Give 
  10. Read
  11. Leave
  12. Refuse
  13. Lend
  14. Send
  15. Make
  16. Show
  17. Offer
  18. Sing
  19. Turn on
  20. Instill
  21. Grab
  22. Soothe
  23. Empower
  24. Ignite
  25. Praise
  26. Impress
  27. Prime
  28. Inflate
  29. Jiggle
  30. Teach
  31. Active
  32. Push
  33. Summon
  34. Preach
  35. Strengthen
  36. Elate
  37. Mold 
  38. Cajole
  39. Kindle
  40. Assure
  41. Cuddle
  42. Hold
  43. Hug
  44. Shine 
  45. Love
  46. Appraise
  47. Relieve
  48. Relax
  49. Feed
  50. Drop