20+ Dry Fruits Names in English with Image

Are you finding all dry fruits name in English? Here We have a great list of all healthy dry fruits names in English with Pictures.

Dry Fruits

Dry fruits are also called Fruit that is used or consumed after they turn dry. These fruits are the fruits from which the water quantity present inside the fruit has been removed by drying or other techniques.

Through the process of drying the fruits, the life of the fruits is increased, which means we can easily preserve the dried fruits for a long time. This happens because of the dryness. The shelf life of these fruits is increased so much. 

After the removal of water from the fruits, the number of nutrients and other vital sources are concentrated, and they become rich in natural sugar and calories.

dry fruits name

The most useful part of the dried fruit is that it can be eaten as a snack or consumed after adding it to other special Indian cuisines. These dried fruits enhance the texture, odor, and flavor of cuisines. Keeping them in a cold and dry place or jars makes them preserved from insects and other fungi, etc. 

Below is the complete list of dry fruits with their scientific names that will make you remember the names and improve your vocabulary and knowledge. 

Dry Fruits Name in English with Image

Sr No.Dry Fruits ImageDry Fruits Name
3.Betel Nut
4.Cashew Nut
12.Flax Seed
13.Fox Nuts
14.Groundnut (Peanuts)
15.Pine Nut
17.Poppy Seeds
19.Pumpkin Seeds
22.Sesame Seeds
24.Watermelon seeds

Dry Fruits with their Scientific Names

  1. Almond – Prunus dulcis
  2. Betel Nut – Areca catechu
  3. Dates – Phoenix dactylifera
  4. Fennel – Foeniculum vulgare 
  5. Fig – Ficus carica
  6. Sesame Seeds – Sesamum indicum
  7. Apricot – Prunus armeniaca
  8. Cashew – Anacardium occidentale
  9. Coconut – Cocos Nucifera
  10. Flax Seed – Linum usitatissimum
  11. Pine Nut – Pinus
  12. Pistachio – Pistacia vera
  13. Raisin – Vitis Vinifera
  14. Walnut – Juglans

List of All Dry Fruits Names with Details


Almond is a special kind of dry fruit used to make various Indian sweets or served with milk and from other sources. It contains some essential proteins, fats, fiber, and other vitamins. It is good for controlling blood pressure and cholesterol levels and beneficial in weight loss and reducing hunger.


The fennel is a flowering plant from the carrot family, the seeds are used after drying as dried fruits used in many places or making of sweets and dishes.


Apricots are the most used dry fruit in the making of the Hyderabadi biryanis and in making sweets and cakes. This is good in promoting eye health and is rich in vitamin A, and it contains very little sugar.

Cashew Nut

Cashew nuts look like a curve and half-moon and are white in color. It adds to the making of Indian dishes, and sweets. It is also served as a savory snack in bars with salt and other spices. The feni liquor is also made with this fruit.


The Charoli is a small, rounded nut of brown color used to make puddings, some sweet dishes, and Pulaos.


The date is a dry fruit that is consumed directly or also consumed when it is wet and is added in the making of cakes and sweets.


The fig is used as a dry fruit after drying it and served as a snack, and used in the making of ice creams and milkshakes of different varieties, kulfis, and some kinds of energy drinks. It requires soaking in water because it becomes very hard to chew.


The fox nuts are Roasted Makhanas which are healthy to consume as a snack, and they also add in many Indian recipes or making of Raita.

Groundnut (Peanuts)

Peanuts are also called Groundnuts, mostly used in India in many dishes or sweets, and chutneys. It is also used as a savory dish in hotels. The popular butter called Peanut butter is also made this peanut which is good for our health.

Pine Nut

The Pine nut is a special dry fruit used to make the classic dish called Italian Pesto. It is also used in making various Indian cuisines.


Pistachio is good food in dried fruits that have many benefits and nutrient-rich fruit. It is used in ice creams, cookies, cakes, drinks, faloodas, and milkshakes and is also used in Indian cuisines after garnishing them. 


Raisins are dried fruit made by drying the grapes, which are then used in many sweets, and desserts like cake, and icecreams, or can be eaten directly. 


Saffron is one of the most expensive dry fruits grown in the Valleys of Kashmir. It is famous for its fragrance and color used in making sweets, saffron milk, and many Indian recipes like biryanis and pulao.


Walnuts are used in many dishes and are also eaten directly. As the walnut is warm for our body, so it is consumed by most people, especially in the winter seasons.

Watermelon Seeds

Watermelon seeds are used in many sweets, like barfi, Kaju katli, or laddoos, etc. It is also served with savory dishes in many places.

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